Realized high power in spite of low voltage operation, optimal for low consumption design

November 17,2008

Dual High Output Current Operational Amplifier with Output Full-Swing

November 17,2008 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. formally announces NJU7036, which is a 2-circuits of single supply and high output current Operational Amplifier with output Full-Swing*1 for applications requiring high power such as operation circuits of motors, LEDs and speakers.

NJU7036 is a CMOS Operational Amplifier with the feature of high output current and output Full-Swing*1 and realizes high power current in spite of 2.7V to 5.5V of low voltage operation.It will be required the excellent output Full-Swing*1 to output higher electric power from 3V to 5V of power supply voltage. It achieves low on resistance in output transistors by optimization of device structure and modification of circuit forms. As a result, loss in this IC was reduced.

NJU7036 has protection circuits (current limitation/thermal shut down) and is operated by single power supply and the Package is micro leadless package (PCSP20-E3), which can contribute to miniaturization of equipments.

It can be obtained output Full-Swing*1 in spite of high current and NJU7036 that will be contributed to low consumption design and miniaturization of equipments is optimal for equipments required high output voltage in low voltage such as a motor drive / speakers.

The NJU7036 features
  1. High Output Current & Output Full-Swing*1 Vsat*2=0.15V(max.)@Io=250mA
  2. Protection Circuit(Current limitation,Thermal shut down)
  3. Single Supply Operation
Same meaning as Rail to Rail.
Input and output voltages to vary between ground and power supply voltage
Means output saturation voltage.
Difference of electrical potential between output voltage and power supply or GND.
Maximum output voltage means maximum amplitude value.

Product Name NJU7036
Function Dual High Output Current Operational Amplifier with Output Full-Swing
Applications Speaker drivers / Motor drivers / Servo drivers / Power circuits
Packaging PCSP20-E3

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