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August 22,2008

Digital Signal Processor for Automotive Equipments with DAEP

August 22,2008 - We are pleased to announce our new product DSP*1 NJU26209 with DAEP*2 for automotive equipments.

The main contexture of automotive equipments is recently multi-speakers such as 5.1ch. /6ch. and the demand to solve the automotive original problems as fickleness of localization of sounds and fickleness of surround effect due to aniso distance between speakers and listeners position of ambiguous sites is increased in DSP*1 for automotive equipments in a market. NJU26209 was developed by the background and is DSP*1 with Dolby ProLogic II / DAEP*2 for automotive equipments.

Stereo input signals are made 5.1ch surround signals by Dolby ProLogic II technology and persons sitting on a passenger seat or a backseat can listen the sounds as dialogue and vocalist in front of their centre and enjoy 5.1ch surround by center image control function utilizing DAEP*2. Moreover when handling localization of sounds by ordinarily fader control in condition of 5.1ch surround, it tends to be weakness of surround effects. However, due to advanced surround fader function, it can be made fader-control to keep each signal component of 5.1ch surround signals and can enjoy natural localization of sounds and surround effects at any seats of passenger seats and backseats.

NJU26209 makes ideal car entertainment as front localization of sounds and natural surround effects and suitable for automotive equipments of multi-speakers contexture.

The NJU26209 features
  1. Due to Dolby ProLogic II, making 5.1ch surround signals from stereo input signals.
  2. Realization of front localization of sounds in any seats by center image control function.
  3. Possibility of fader control to keep each signal component of 5.1ch surround signal due to advanced surround fader control function.
*1 :DSP :Digital Signal Processor
*2 :DAEP (Dolby Automotive Entertainment Program) :ProLogic II and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

Product Name NJU26209
Function DAEP(Dolby Automotive Entertainment Program)
Pro Logic II,Center Image Control,Advanced Surround Fader,Master Volume
Applications Automotive equipments / Navigation system
Packaging SSOP44

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