eliminated volume level difference in contents in TV and realized high quality volume control

December 8, 2008

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December 8, 2008 - New JRC formally announces DSP(Digital Signal Processor) of NJU26207 that is optimal for digital TVs and sound bars speaker system etc.

It is aware of volume level difference in contents to switch of channels, programs and CM or difference in input sources in hearing in previous TVs and there are the biggest annoyance for home viewers and listeners whenever they have to turn volume levels by remote control.As the measure, it arranged the sound signal amplification and controlled the sound level automatically by automatic gain control. However, there are problem to feel the sounds unnatural such as pumping and breathing. NJU26207, DSP with Dolby Volume* was developed to solve the problems.

NJU26207 is a 24 bits of DSP with volume leveler function, volume modeler function and delay function.  Volume leveler function that always measures volume levels makes sound level stable and reduce volume level difference in hearing. Moreover, volume modeler function adjusts volume level of each band according to playing levels; as a result, it controls all band frequency within audible ranges and takes suitable match between volume balance and sound quality.  In addition, delay function clears time lag to be happen when Dolby Volume* switches on/off in sounds.

Dolby Volume* will estimate volume level difference to be happened among input sources when it is switched between TV progress and CM. And due to volume modeler, it realizes to re-create mix-balance producers are intending in case of replay in a small volume. NJU26207 was designed for digital TVs, sound bars and speaker systems and is optimal for them.

The NJU26207 features
  1. Due to Volume Leveler, estimated volume level difference in contents.
  2. Due to Volume Modeler, adjusted volume level of each band according to playing level.
  3. Due to Delay, estimated time lag at Volume ON and OFF.
*:The word "Dolby" and double D mark are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.The "Dolby Volume" is trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

Product Name NJU26207
Function Dolby Volume* (Volume Leveler, Volume Modeler) Delay Master Volume
Applications Digital TV/ Sound bar / Speaker System / Several sorts of audio equipment
Packaging SSOP44

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NJU26207 Block Diagram


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