Realization of high quality surround system and voice bell-clear sounds for TV and audio instruments

August 22,2008

Digital Signal Processor for TV / Audio Equipment

August 22,2008 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has developed NJU26123 for audio equipments such as a TV, a Minicomponent, a Radio Cassette Recorder and a Speaker System, which can control sounds quality arrangement slightly.

Recently, TVs and audio equipments with playback function at high realistic sensation are spread and it is ease to listen on music. However it is difficult to listen on a human voice such as conversation and dialogue due to BGM or ambient sounds and it is required to improve a human voice. NJU26123, which is DSP*1 for a TV and audio equipments, was developed by a back-ground of the above.

NJU26123 processes NewJRC original sound enhancement such as 3D surround function, which gives natural sounds to dialogue, dialogue boost function, which makes dialogue clearly and bass enhancement function, which accentuates bass and realizes sounds clarity with high realistic sensation of BGM and ambient sounds.

And NJU26123 inserts 10Band PEQ*2 and Tone Control and it can be arranged sounds quality control every products. Additionally, due to HPF*4 / LPF*5 with steep attenuation characteristics consisted of FIR*3 filters, NJU26123 will divide registers to lower-registers and higher-registers and take independent DRC*6 to separated registers and it is obtained dynamic range maximally. As a result, it can be arranged adequate sounds quality in products with our NJU26123.NJU26123 inserting NewJRC original sound enhancement and DRC*6 is suitable for audio equipments such as a TV, a minicomponent, a radio cassette recorder and a speaker system.

The NJU26123 features
  1. Improvement of dialogue clarity by dialogue boost of center range.
  2. Realization of dialogue stabilization due to DRC*6 controlling compression of levels of center components and checking center components of sound source and constricting dynamic range.
  3. Realization of sound quality arrangement due to separation between higher-registers and lower-registers by HPF*4 / LPF*5 consisting of FIR*3 filters and taking DRC*6 to independent sounds ranges.
  4. Realization of sounds quality arrangement slightly due to 10Band PEQ*2 and Tone Control.
  5. Operation at 3.3V(single power supply).

For a several of audio equipments.

*1 DSP : Digital Signal Processor / *2 PEQ : Parametric Equalizer / *3 FIR : Finite Impulse Response
*4 HPF : High Pass Filter / *5 LPF : Low Pass Filter / *6 DRC : Dynamic Range Compression

Product Name NJU26123
Function · NewJRC original sound enhancement( 3D sound function,dialogue boost,bass enhancement )
· 10Band PEQ / HPF / LPF (FIR Filter) / DRC ( Dynamic Range Compression ) / Tone Control / Delay
Applications TV / Minicomponent / Radio Cassette Recorder / Speaker System
Packaging SSOP24-C2

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