Realized 0.8V of low output voltage and ±1.0% of high precision output

October 31,2008

Io=150mA Low output voltage series regulator

October 31,2008 - We, New Japan Radio Co., Ltd., have developed a low output voltage series regulator of NJM2847 for control microcomputers of digital applications such as a handsets / a DSC / a DVC required a low output voltage operation.

Lately, an operating voltage for control microcomputers of digital applications such as a handset / a DSC / a DVC is decreasing and with technical advantages and high efficiency, high precision and further efficiency in a power supply is required. The NJM2847 is a low output voltage series regulator developed by the requirement.

The NJM2847 is consisted of a band gap reference, an error lamp, an output device, an over current protection circuit, a thermal shut down circuit and an on/off control circuit and by improvement and optimization of circuits structure of previous products, in spite of the output voltage range from 0.8V to 1.4V, it is realized ±1.0% of high precision output, 85dB(f=1kHz @Vo=0.8V) of high ripple rejection and 20µVrms(typ.) of low noise.

A Load regulation*, which is the most important specification in regulators, of the NJM2847 is 0.002%/mA and it is very excellent Load regulation* and load transient response. Minimization is possible by acceptance of 2.2µF ceramic capacitors.

In spite of low output voltage, the NJM2847 is having ±1.0% of excellent precision output and 85dB of high ripple rejection and load transient response and Load regulation* was improved, as a result, stable power supply will be provided.

The NJM2847 features
  1. ±1.0% of Excellent precision output, up to 0.8V (previous products:more than 1.5V precision output ±1.0%).
  2. Excellent load transient response.
  3. High load stabilization(Load regulation*:0.002%/mA).
* :Load regulation
variable ratio in a voltage when load connecting

Product Name NJM2847
Function Low Output Voltage Series Regulator
Applications Handsets ,Portable equipments such as DSC(digital still camera),DVC(digital video camera)
Packaging SC88A

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