Realized high reliability and small-footprint by accept of 47µF capacitor

September 12,2008

Video Driver accepted 47µF Output Capacitor

September 12,2008 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has developed video driver NJM2512/2516 accepted small capacitor and optimized car navigation equipments / a several of AV equipments / security equipments.

Previous video drivers(ICs amplify video signals and output external display and monitor) require 470µF to 1000µF of AC-coupling capacitor on output terminal. However, with minimization of DSC/DVC lately, the requirements of video drivers of none capacitors (henceforth C-less) increase. But in C-less video drivers, there are some problems about destroys on an output terminal by short or destroys by mismatch of connection or noises happening from charge pomp circuits due to fruition of C-less. So, equipment makers, who attach importance to reliability, are using video drivers requesting large capacitors that process high reliability and disadvantage in a space. NJM2512/2516 are a video driver accepted small capacitors and have been developed to clear the above problems.

NJM2512/2516 are being consisted of LPF/6dB amp/75Ω driver/ASC(Advanced SAG Correction) circuits and can be accepted 47µF of capacitors (47µF of capacitors are extremely small in output capacitors of video drovers) due to our original technology of new ASC. And NJM2512 operates at 3V to 6V of low voltage and the operate temperature range is -40 °C to 105 °C requested from automotive equipments. In addition, power consumption of NJM2512/2516 will be decreased due to power save mode.

NJM2512/2516 realizing high reliability and small footprint due to accept of 47µF of capacitors optimize automotive AV navigations / a several of AV equipments / security equipments.

The NJM2512,NJM2516 features
  1. Realize minimization of sets due to accept of 47µF output capacitors.
  2. Accept the temperature range of -40 °C to 105 °C that requires from automotive products(NJM2512).
  3. Low operating voltage , 3.0V(NJM2512).
  4. Increase of reliability and strong for a short , compared with C-less.

Product Name NJM2512 NJM2516
Function Video driver
accepted 47µF output capacitors (composite output)
Wideband frequency 3ch video driver
accepted 47µF output capacitors (component output)
Applications Car Navigation / AV equipments / Security equipments
Packaging TVSP8 SSOP20

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