Optimal for AF lens position sensor, 3 times linearity compared with the one of previous products

October 1,2008

COBP Photo Reflector NJL5904R for position sensors

October 1,2008 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd has developed COBP photo reflector NJL5904R for camera module auto focus (henceforth AF).

Lately, it tends to insert AF function in a handset camera and stepping motors and voice coil motors are being equipped for AF lens operation. However, from the requests of decrease of driving sounds and miniaturization, the motors will be shifted to piezo motors, which is having features to be able to arrange positioning very slightly and to respond very fast.

Now, photo reflectors and hall elements for positioning detection of AF lens are being used. With high resolution in pickup devices (electric parts changing lights from lends to electrical signals) such as CCD/C-MOS, improvement of positioning accuracy in lens for AF is being required and as a result, more long linearity for positioning detection sensors is being required. NJL5904R, COBP photo reflector, was developed by the above reasons.

NJL5904R is a reflective sensor with infrared LEDs and Phototransistors and achieves 0.7mm of detection distance, which is 3 times linearity compared with the one of our previous products, due to optimization of photo detector.

NJL5904R is a sensor using light (infrared) and will not be affected from magnetism of ambient motors and speakers, so design constraint in some products will be decreased. In addition, NJL5904R does not include Halogen-substance and applies compact surface mount Package.

NJL5904R with long linearity minimalizes fluctuation of position accuracy in AF lens and is suitable for positioning detection of AF lens for camera module of handsets.

The NJL5904R features
  1. Getting long linearity of output currents and detection distance is 0.7mm, compared the one of previous products.
  2. Not affect from magnetism of ambient motors and speakers due to use light.
  3. Halogen free.
  4. Compact surface mount Package.

Product Name NJL5904R
Function COBP for positioning detection, photo reflector
Applications Camera module with AF function for handsets
Positioning detection  for DSC(digital still camera) shake reduction system
Packaging COBP(Chip On Board Package) 4pin

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