Stable reception of one segment broadcasting due to high gain and bypass

December 29, 2008

New Japan Radio releases the NJG1129MD7,
UHF Band Low Noise Amplifier GaAs MMIC with bypass

December 29, 2008 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. would like to introduce Wide Range Low Noise Amplifier (henceforth LNA) of GaAs MMIC NJG1129MD7, which is optimal for tuner module with one segment broadcasting.

Recently, productions such as handsets and car navigations that can receive one segment broadcasting are increasing. Products with one segment broadcasting tuner are increasing and a high-performance LNA with high gain / high linearity / low noise is required due to a shortage of receiver sensitivity. NJG1134HA8 (released on 3/27 '08) was developed to meet the above requirements, however NJG1129MD7, which is a LNA GaAs MMIC for one segment broadcasting, was developed to respond to diverse demands of the market.

NJG1129MD7 has bandwidth from 470MHz to 770MHz (UHF range) and achieves 15dB typ. (@ f=470MHz to 770MHz) of gain by application of design technology for the LNA of W-CDMA.(NJG1134HA8 has 10dB typ. (@ f=470MHz to 770MHz) of gain.)  NJG1129MD7 is being produced by GaAs HEMT process and has high linearity ( P-1dB(IN)=-6.0dBm ,IP3=+1.0dBm typ. ) and low noise ( NF=1.4dB typ. )

Additionally, When strong signals that is not necessary to amplifier, for example at areas near broadcast station, come, the signals are passed through bypass mode that they are not passed through built in LNA, as a result, distortion are not happened.  NJG1129MD7 has high gain and bypass mode internally and gets stable reception and is optimal for equipments with one segment tuner such as handsets and car navigations.

The NJG1129MD7 features
1.Due to bypass mode, possibility of stable reception in strong signal areas.
2.Due to low noise (NF=1.4dB typ.), improvement of reception sensitivity.
3.Due to GaAs HEMT process, fulfillment of high linearity (P-1dB(IN)=-6.0dBm , IP3=+1.0dBm typ.).
4.Due to ESD protection circuits, achievement of high ESD tolerance.

Product Name NJG1129MD7
Function UHF Band Low Noise Amplifier GaAs MMIC with bypass function for one segment broadcasting
Applications Handset, PND Car navigation, Car Audio
Packaging EQFN14-D7

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