Ideal for thin-type TVs, offers natural sound localization,
clear voices, and rich bass reproduction

May 30, 2006

BBE ViVA+ Equipped Audio Processor NJW1175

May 30, 2006 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the NJW1175, an audio processor IC employing BBE ViVA+, the technology best suited for the audio signal processing circuits used in the rapidly expanding thin-type TV market. The NJW1175 is a TV audio processor IC that can be controlled by I2C Bus and incorporates the basic TV audio processing functions such as Volume, Balance, Tone control and AGC (Auto Gain Control). Moreover, it also employs BBE ViVA+ technology (ViVA HD3D sound + BBE sound enhancement + BBE Mach3Bass) for 2-speaker 3-D surround, audio/voice enhancement, and bass enhancement - three functions which are quickly becoming fundamental in the marketplace.

The BBE ViVA+ is based on its predecessor's technology, which combined the ViVA HD3D sound, 3-D surround technology that enhances center sound localization and BBE sound enhancement that reproduces clear audio and voices. The BBE Mach3Bass bass enhancer has also been added to this surround technology.

As with most conventional 3-D surround technologies, the sound localization - most notably the center sound localization - can easily become degraded and unstable. When this happens, music features are lost and voices in movies become hard to understand.

Moreover, the latest thin-type TVs use thin, small speakers, which have inherent problems relaying a dynamic bass sound. The NJW1175 solves this problem by employing ViVA+. By combining ViVA HD3D surround, a center-focused natural 3D surround technology, and BBE sound enhancement to reproduce clear audio and voices, the NJW1175 enables reproduction of sound quality, sound image, sound localization, and music features as original source. And with BBE Mach3Bass being added, the NJW1175 offers rich bass reproduction even when using small, thin speakers. The NJW1175 also features pin-compatibility and soft-compatibility with our conventional products.

Product Name Function Applications Packaging
NJW1175 BBE ViVA+ equipped audio processor IC Audio processing circuit of thin-type TVs SSOP32
[ Features and Characteristics ]
· Operating voltage 7.5 to 13.0V
· I2C BUS interface
· BBE ViVA HD3D sound/BBE sound enhancement/BBE Mach3 Bass
· Electric volume 0 - -80dB/0.33dB Step
· Channel balance ±1.0dB (-70dB @ATT)
· Tone control Bass/Treble
· Built-in AGC circuit
· Packaging SDIP30(28.5×10.16×4.3mm)
[ Schedule ]
  Engineering Samples (ES):From May 2006
  Mass Production (MP):From June 2006