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compact size for car audio external input blocks

May 26, 2006

Low Voltage Operation, 1W Output Audio Power Amplifier NJU7084

May 26, 2006 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the NJU7084, an audio power amplifier featuring low voltage operation, low current consumption and 1W output. The NJU7084 is ideal for the audio output block of a wide range of applications - from mobile phones to white goods.

The NJU7084 is an audio power amplifier that works from 2.8V, and features IDD=2.5mA typ. (V+=5V) low current consumption and 1W output (BTL connection, V+=5V, RL=8Ω, when no signal).

For its output block, the BTL (Balanced Transformer Less) type speaker connection has been introduced, which means the NJU7084 enables twice the output voltage and 4 times the output power of a single-end connection, plus an achieved output coupling condenser-less operation.

Moreover, the NJU7084 features amp gain that you can easily set within 0dB to 43dB with only 2 external resistances, a shutdown function, IDD=2µA max. current consumption at standby mode, reduced shock-sound (standby mode switching noise), a mute function, measures for high frequency noise interruption to input step, a thermal shutdown function, and small packaging (VSP8:2.9×4.0×1.2mm,0.65 pitch), all of which help for easy audio output circuit design.

Compared to our conventional products, the NJU7084 is:
  • 1W output capability and low distortion rate:
    • PD= 1W typ.,V+= 5V,RL=8Ω,THD≤2% (Our conventional products: PD=400mW typ.,V+=4.5V,RL=8Ω,THD≤10%)
  • Reduced shock-sound (Standby mode switching noise)
Compared to other makers' products, the NJU7084 is:
  • Low current consumption:
    • 2.0mA typ., V+=3V (other makers conventional product: 3.5mA typ./V+=3V)
    • 2.5mA typ., V+=5V (other makers conventional product: 4mA typ./V+=5V)

Featuring low voltage, low current consumption and 1W output, the NJU7084 is ideal for audio output in mobile phones and PCs,and thanks to functions that make circuit design easier, such as easy gain setting, output coupling condenser-less, standby mode and thermal shutdown,you can easily add "speaking" functions to appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators.

Product Name Function Applications Packaging
NJU7084 Low voltage operation, 1W output audio power amplifier Mobile phones and white goods, etc. VSP8
[ Features and Characteristics ]
· Low operating voltage 2.8 to 5.5V
· Current consumption at operation mode IDDI=2.5mA typ.(V+=5V, RL=∞, when no signal)
IDDI=2.0mA typ.(V+=3V, RL=∞, when no signal)
· Current consumption at stand-by mode IDD2=2µA max.
· Output power PD=1W typ.(V+=5V, RL=8Ω,when no signal)
PD=400mW typ.(V+=3V, RL=4Ω,when no signal)
· CMOS technology
· Packaging VSP8(2.9×4.0×1.2mm,0.65mm pitch)
DMP24 (15.4×10.3×2.45mm,1.27mm pitch)
[ Schedule ]
  Engineering Samples (ES):From May 2006
  Mass Production (MP):From July 2006
A detailed spec is here