Features low voltage, low current consumption, low noise:
Ideal for acceleration/vibration/optical sensors

June 28, 2006

Low-Noise Single CMOS Operational Amplifier NJU7009

June 28, 2006 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the NJU7009, a low-noise, single CMOS operational amplifier engineered for signal processing of acceleration sensors, vibration sensors and optical sensors.
  The NJU7009 features improved noise characteristics at low-voltage operation. It also boasts low-voltage operation (from 2.2V), low current consumption (330µA typ. VDD = 3V), and low noise (10nV√Hz typ. at f=1kHz), while offering 1pA (typ.) high input impedance characteristics. Moreover, the NJU7009 is ideally suited for signal processing of acceleration, vibration and optical sensors.
  The NJU7009 enables you to configure a charge amp that combines an acceleration sensor and a vibration sensor for applications that detect acceleration and the direction of moving objects. It can also be connected to a photo diode for use in applications that detect optical signals in a current-voltage conversion process.

Compared to previous models, the NJU7009:

  1. Provides superior noise characteristics at low frequencies and is ideally suited for minute AC signal processing from an acceleration sensor or optical sensor.
  2. Features 3MHz wide band gain bandwidth to minimize waveform distortion and phase distortion generated from acceleration and vibration detection signal processing.
  3. Offers electrical characteristics at three operating voltage levels (2.2V, 3V, 5V) to provide greater flexibility in application designs.
Product Name Function Applications Packaging
NJU7009 Low-noise
single CMOS operational amplifier
  • Acceleration sensors
  • Vibration sensors, etc.
[ Features and Characteristics ]
· Low-noise characteristics 10nV√Hz(typ.) at f=1kHz
3µVrms (max.) at f=20Hz-20kHz
· Low current consumption 330µA typ. VDD=3V
· High input impedance 1TΩ(typ.)
· Low input bias current 1pA (typ.) at Ta=25°C
· Gain bandwidth 3MHz
· Output full-swing characteristic
· Operating voltage 2.2 to 5.5V
· CMOS technology
· Packaging SC88A [F3 type] (SC70-5): 2.0×2.1×0.95mm
[ Schedule ]
  Engineering Samples (ES):From June 2006
  Mass Production (MP):From August 2006
A detailed spec is here