Incorporates OTP for faster configuration development time

May 12, 2006

24-bit Audio DSP equipped with OTP Memory NJU26040

May 12, 2006 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of the NJU26040, an audio DSP (digital signal processor) incorporating OTP (one-time programmable, non-volatile memory).

The NJU26040 is a signal processing IC that employs OTP memory and is configured by numerous interface types, including 24-bit DSP core. The capacity of the OTP memory is 4K-word (1 word: 16-bit) and 2K-word is assigned for real-time processing. Different audio signal processing functions such as 3D surround and voice enhancement can be employed as firmware. For audio signal processing, many versatile forms of firmware are available, such as eala, SRS 3D, BBE sound enhancement, parametric equalizer, and others. New Japan Radio offers you the flexibility to select, combine and customize as you like in order to meet your various demands, all without adhering to a conventional product lineup. Moreover, the OTP Memory does not require the masking process or wafer processing required for conventional Mask ROM version. That means you can speed up the development period significantly. Also, it is possible to change firmware on the same package, so you can expand an audio product lineup with same board pattern.

The NJU26040 features 3.3V operating voltage, maximum 38MHz external clock frequency, digital audio interface (3 input ports, 3 output ports), host interface (I2C BUS interface <Fast-mode/400kbps> or serial interface [4-line type]), and a small SSOP32 packaging (11.0×7.6×1.15mm, lead-free compatible). These easy-to-use functions are ideal for various audio devices.

With this NJU26040 release, New Japan Radio also added an OTP Memory-equipped audio DSP to its lineup, including a conventional Mask ROM version and RAM version audio DSP products. We will eagerly continue to develop audio DSP products to further expand our lineup.

Product Name Function Applications Packaging
NJU26040 OTP memory-equipped, 24-bit audio DSP with 3D surround,
sound enhancement functions.
Audio devices including TVs, stereo components,
speaker systems, etc.
SSOP32(Compatible with lead-free soldering)
[ Features and Characteristics ]
· 24-bit, 38MIPS, fixed-point digital signal processor
· Operating voltage +3.3V  Input-only terminal +5.0V tolerant
· External clock frequency Maximum 38MHz
· Digital audio I/F 3 input ports, 3 output ports
· Digital audio format I2S 24-bit, compatible with left-align, and right-align, BCK 32/64fs
· Host interface I2C BUS interface (Fast-mode/400kbps), or serial interface (4-line type)
· Packaging SSOP32(11.0×7.6×1.15mm/Compatible with lead-free soldering)
[ Schedule ]
  Engineering Samples (ES):From May 2006
  Mass Production (MP):From June 2006
A detailed spec is here