6-ch wide band video amp ideal for analog video output of DVD recorders compatible with terrestrial digital broadcasting

June 29, 2006

A 6-ch Video Amplifier Compatible with High-Definition Video Signals NJM2566A

June 29, 2006 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has released the NJM2566A, a 6-ch video amplifier compatible with high-definition signals. It is ideal for analog video output of DVD recorders and digital STB's (set-top boxes) that incorporate a high-definition broadcast tuner, which are increasing due to expansion of the terrestrial digital broadcast area.

They are compatible with conventional DVD recorders employing a terrestrial digital broadcast tuner as well as BS digital and 110° CS digital.

The analog video outputs of these DVD recorders are equipped with

  • composite video output;
  • S-Video output (brightness, color);
  • component video output (Y: brightness, Pb: blue color-difference signal, Pr: red color-difference signal, D4-class terminal);

and require a total of six video amps for configuration.

Three of the circuits for component video output need to be compatible with D4-class high-definition signals, and the NJM2566A incorporates three channels for high-definition component video output capability, wide band 6dB video amp, 75Ω driver, and LPF (low pass filter/cutoff frequency 13.5MHz/30MHz switching) for D/A converter noise elimination.

Moreover, the NJM2566A employs a 3-channel 6dB video amp, 75Ω driver, and LPF (6.75MHz cutoff frequency), plus a Y/C mix circuit and power-saving circuit for blocking the analog video output of DVD recorders (digital high-definition recorders), and STB (set-top box) compatible with terrestrial digital broadcast. All of these required functions are contained on a single chip.

Product Name Function Applications Packaging
NJM2566A 6-ch video amp compatible with high-definition video signal Digital high-definition recorders and digital STB's. SSOP32
[ Features and Characteristics ]
· Single power operation    4.5 to 5.5V
· Video signal input for Composite (V), Separate (SY, SC), and Component (Y, Pb, Pr)
· Built-in 6dB amp/75Ω driver (6 channels each)
· Built-in LPF    6 channels
V,SY,SC:Cutoff frequency=6.75MHz
Y,Pb,Pr:Cutoff frequency=13.5MHz/30MHz(switch incorporated)
· Built-in Y/C MIX circuit
· Built-in clamp/bias switching SW
· Built-in power-saving circuit (2 channels, independent control)
· Packaging    SSOP32 (11.0×7.6×1.25mm)
[ Schedule ]
  Engineering Samples (ES):From June 2006
  Mass Production (MP):From July 2006
A detailed spec is here