New JRC has developed a RF Power Amplifier NJG1330 for transmission that contributes to low power consumption of communication equipment

August 22, 2018

New JRC has devoted to develop power amplifier multi-chip modules for transmission that use for communication equipment such as smartphones and WiFi routers. This newly developed RF power amplifier NJG1330 corresponds to the Ultra High Band used in 4G LTE-Advanced and has entered mass production.

【General Description】

The needs of smartphones and WiFi routers using wireless communication are increasing due to the worldwide spread. Since smartphones and WiFi routers are portable equipment, the requirement of power saving is necessary.

Combining RF analog, CMOS digital, CMOS analog circuit design technology and package technology, New JRC has developed the power amplifier modules for transmission that can reduce the power consumption of communication equipment.

New JRC has an assortment of power amplifier modules for transmission that cover various Cellular LTE bands, and has developed a series of High Band: NJG1329, Ultra High Band: NJG1330, and Middle Band: NJG1331. Ultra High Band 3.4 to 3.8GHz is the frequency band used by NTT Docomo's PREMIUM 4G *1. The operation of sXGP *2 is planning to use Middle Band 1.7 to 2.0GHz band.

 *1 PREMIUM 4G is the NTT Docomo's registered trademark.

 *2 Communication standard for data communication such as cordless phones and smart meters.


⒈ Power Added Efficiency *3 is good

Compared with conventional products,the new power amplifier can convert DC component and RF component to RF power that is supplied to the equipment with high efficiency, so it is possible to reduce the consumption of communication equipment such as smartphones and WiFi routers.

*3 Power Added Efficiency = 

               (Output Power − Input Power) / (Power Supply × PA Total Operating current) × 100 (%)

⒉ Low power transmission mode

Because it can be set to the operating voltage and operating current according to the transmission power of the power amplifier module for transmission, it contributes to low power consumption of the equipment.

It is possible to utilize the operating voltage control function such as APT (Average Power Tracking) and ET (Envelop Tracking) that reduce the power consumption by changing the operating voltage.

⒊ Compliant with MIPI RFFE interface specification

The NJG1329 is compliant with MIPI RFFE Ver1.1, and the NJG1330/NJG1331 is compliant with MIPI RFFE Ver2.0.

⒋ Built-in coupler for detecting transmission power (only NJG1331)

When transmitting from the terminal, it is necessary to measure the power to adjust to specified power.

Since the NJG1331 has a built-in coupler circuit for detecting the transmission power, the external coupler is unnecessary. The sXGP etc. constituted the transmission circuit by single band contributes to reducing the number of parts and the mounting area.


High Band
Ultra High Band
Middle Band
Frequency band
2.5 to 2.7GHz
3.4 to 3.8GHz
1.7 to 2.0GHz
Power added efficiency
(LTE Bands 2,3,4,9,25,66,39)
Detection circuit for transmission power
Built-in coupler circuit
Operating voltage control function
In mass production
Mass production from July
Provide sample

These 3 products correspond to TDD-LTE *4 modulation signals up to20MHz bandwidth.

 *4 TDD-LTE (Time Domain Duplex − Long Term Evolution):time division duplex communication mode between base station and terminal


• Smartphone
• Portable WiFi router
• Cellular equipment of Small Cell、CPE *5 etc. used LTE
 *5 Small Cell、CPE(Customer Premises Equipment):a kind of base station and terminal
A detailed spec is here