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Electron Tubes for Microwave applications

1.Electron Tubes
What's is the electron tube ?
The electron tube is a sort of vacuum tube in which electrons are subjected to motion under the purposeful control by means of electric and /or magnetic fields so that some useful functions can be achieved. Vacuum tubes had been widely used in electric appliances before the semiconductor devices such as transistors were developed up to a certain level of advancement.Senior people may recall that they found a number of vacuum tubes like so many glass tubes standing upright on the chassis in a TV or radio set.
What's is the microwave electron tube ?
The microwave electron tube, i.e. electron tube for microwave applications, is an electron tube which can generate and control electromagnetic waves of high frequencies called microwaves.Although most of the electron tubes have been replaced by semiconductor elements, electron tubes are still widely used in the fields of microwave applications. Electron tubes play an irreplaceable role especially in the high power microwave applications.
Various microwave electron tubes
Various microwave electron tubes include "Magnetrons", "Klystrons", "Traveling Wave Tubes", and "Gyrotrons" of which the architecture and the operating principles are different from one another.
Examples of Magnetron
2.Marine Radar Systems
What's is the marine radar systems
marine radar system marine radar system mounted on a ship
The marine radar system is a radiodetermination apparatus which emits electromagnetic waves (microwaves) toward a target and which detects the position of and measures the distance to, the target by detecting the reflected waves from the target. The use of electromagnetic waves enables the system to find such an object as a ship even in the darkness of night, rain, and dense fog, thereby contributing a great deal to the safety of marine traffic.
unwanted emission
One of the recently noted topics about electromagnetic waves is the unwanted emission. It is such emission of electromagnetic waves that is generated by a radio apparatus outside the frequency band assigned to the apparatus. This unwanted emission often causes such adverse effect as radio interference to other radio apparatuses.