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♦Bipolar 10 to 40V
Wafer Size : 5"
♦Complimentary 40V High Speed Bipolar  21KB 2.0µm rule
Bipolar 40V NPN ft= 2.9GHz, Vertical PNP ft= 3.7GHz
Wafer Size : 5"
♦High Speed BiCMOS  218KB 0.8µm rule
Bipolar 10V NPN ft= 8.0GHz, Vertical PNP ft= 5.5GHz
Wafer Size : 5"
♦Analog CMOS+HV  21KB 0.7µm rule
LV 5V, HV 20V/30V/36V
Wafer Size : 5"
♦BCD  19KB 0.35µm rule
Bipolar 15V NPN, LPNP、CMOS 3.3V/5.0V、DMOS 40V/50V
Wafer Size : 8"(*1)
♦Analog CMOS+HV 0.35µm rule
LV 3.3V, MV 5.0V, HV 12~36V
Wafer Size : 8"(*1)

(*1):This process was developed in cooperation with UMC.

Guarantee items on foundry service

  • Process control monitor (Device characteristics)
  • Appearance defects

Optional services

  • Wafer sort
  • Final Test

Product forms

The PCM data is attached to the product at delivery.

  • Wafer
  • Bare die
  • Package

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