SAW Filter

Excellent characteristics, such as sharpness of pass band, small packages and non-adjusting make NJR's SAW Filters well-suited for a wide range of applications. Further more, small surface mount packages provide an automated mounting of parts.

Important Notice

NJR shall confirm the component applying to the following equipments which requiring extreme reliability.

  • Space equipment (satellites, rockets, etc.)
  • Sea-bottom equipment (Sea-bottom relay equipment and work equipment)
  • For Ministry of Defence
  • Control equipment for mobiles (control equipment for automobiles, aircraft, railway and ships)
  • Power generation control equipment (control equipment for nuclear, hydraulic and thermal power plants)
  • Medical equipment (Life-support system, heart pace-maker, artificial dialysis equipment)
  • Information processing equipment (computers for controlling large-scale systems)
  • Other equipment similar to the above equipment

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