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October 12, 2021

NJR to launch a CMOS Comparator NJU77212 with ultra-low supply current of 0.6uA and high EMI-immunity that is suitable for mobile wireless communication equipment

Ultra-low supply current of 0.6uA/ch contributes to long term drive of remote sensors and energy harvesting applications
Industry-leading*1 high EMIRR of 100dB contributes to reduction of EMC design time for sensor equipment
High output current of 25mA can remove the rear stage driver and contribute to equipment miniaturization

 New Japan Radio (NJR) has developed a CMOS comparator NJU77212 with ultra-low supply current of 0.6uA/ch and industry-leading high EMI-immunity of 100dB, and started sample distribution.

*1: Researched by NJR in September 2021

Development Background and General Description

 With the evolution of IoT technology, various analog signals such as heat, sound, and light have been exchanged as digital information through the Internet. Therefore, Since the increasing number of IoT devices, energy saving of sensors is an important approach for the sustainable society. In recent years, IoT devices have often used for wireless communication such as Bluetooth® to send and receive signals, and electronic parts are required to operate stably against RF noise emitted from wireless devices.
 The NJU77212 has an extremely low supply current of 0.6uA/ch and is ideal for applications required ultra-low power. In addition, the industry-leading high EMI-immunity of 100 dB ensures stable operation even in a wireless communication environment.

NJU77212's Features

    • 1. Ultra-low supply current of 0.6uA/ch, low operating voltage of 1.7V, Rail-to-Rail input with Dynamic Transient Stabilizer TM
      •  The NJU77212 is an ultra-low power comparator with a supply current of 0.6uA/ch.
         The NJU77212 has a wide operating voltage range of 1.7V to 5.5V and is also compatible with 1.8V digital power supplies for low voltage applications. Due to Rail-to-Rail input function, the full range signal of 0V to 1.8V can be detected even with 1.8V power supply. The NJU77212 is equipped with our unique circuit technology Dynamic Transient Stabilizer TM that stabilizes the Rail-to-Rail input characteristics. This feature allows the comparator to keep a stable output response while the propagation delay time does not fluctuate much, even if the reference voltage Vref fluctuates (Refer to Figure 1). This feature is especially useful in applications with multiple reference voltage Vrefs, such as window comparators and level detectors (Refer to Figure 2).

What is Dynamic Transient Stabilizer TM (D.T.S)

 It is our original Rail-to-Rail input circuit technology, and the feature is that the response time does not fluctuate significantly even if the input reference voltage Vref fluctuates.


Figure 1  Using NJU77212, the propagation delay time fluctuates very little even if the reference voltage Vref fluctuates


omparator circuit with multiple
reference voltage Vrefs


Using a general comparator, the difference between Vo1 and Vo2 is large.


Using the NJU77212 with D.T.S., the difference of response between Vo1 and Vo2 is small

Figure 2 The NJU77212 keeps stable response characteristics even if Vref fluctuates, due to Dynamic Transient Stabilizer TM

    • 2. Industry-leading high EMI-immunity of 100dB contributes to reduction of equipment EMC design time and equipment miniaturization
      •  The number of sensor devices controlled by wireless communication such as Bluetooth® is increasing. Such wireless communication uses a high frequency band in the GHz band.
         The NJU77212 achieves the industry-leading high EMIRR *2 of 100 dB, while has an ultra-low power (Refer to Figure 4). This means that the input offset voltage fluctuates by only 1uV even if an electromagnetic wave of 100mVpk is injected to the input terminal of the comparator.
         The high EMIRR of the NJU77212 can contribute to reduction of the EMC design time for sensor equipment. In addition, the capacitors and resistors required for EMC countermeasures previously are no longer needed, which can contribute to the equipment miniaturization


If an electromagnetic signal source in the GHz band exists near the IC, the electromagnetic wave is rectified by the PN junction inside the IC, so that the output voltage of the comparator may cause malfunction with inversion (Refer to Figure 3). EMIRR (Electro Magnetic Interference Rejection Ratio) is an index showing the rejection to electromagnetic waves. This value is larger, the stronger rejection to electromagnetic waves, and it operates stably even in a wireless communication environment.

Figure 3  Electromagnetic waves cause malfunction to the comparator (inversion)
Figure 4 NJU77212 achieves high EMIRR (100dB)

    • 3. High output current of 25mA can remove the rear stage driver and contribute to equipment miniaturization.
      •  The NJU77212 has a large current capacity of 25mA, despite its ultra-low supply current of 0.6uA/ch. (Refer to Figure 5). This output capability can drive LEDs and relay switches directly, and reduce the number of driver parts required in the past. For example, the NJU77212 can contribute to the miniaturization of equipment for alarm applications that usually monitor as sensor with ultra-low power consumption and LED lights only in abnormal conditions (Refer to Figure 6).
Figure 5 NJU77212's output current capacity
Figure 6 NJU77212's high output current reduces the rear drivers



NJU77212R (MSOP8(VSP8))


NJU77212KU1 (DFN8-U1(ESON8-U1))


  • Ultra-low power: 0.6uA/ch typ. : 0.6uA/ch typ.
  • High EMIRR : 100dB typ.(f=1.8GHz)
  • Operating Voltage : 1.7V to 5.5V
  • Rail-to-Rail input with Dynamic Transient Stabilizer TM (D.T.S.)
  • Output current : 25mA typ.
  • Input Overvoltage Protection (Input tolerant)
  • Push-pull output
  • Input Offset Voltage : 7mV max.
  • Propagation Delay Time : 9.8us typ.(Rise) / 4.8us typ.(Fall)
  • Operating Temperature : -40ºC to 105ºC
  • Package :MSOP8(VSP8)(2.9mm×4.0mm) / DFN8-U1(ESON8-U1)(2.0mm×2.0mm)


  • Wireless Communication Equipment
  • Alarm and Monitoring System
  • Battery-powered Remote Sensors
  • Energy Harvesting Applications
  • Wearable Devices

Production Schedule

  • SamplesAlready started
  • ProductionPlan to start from early 2022

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Ultra-low power comparator series

 Ultra-low power comparators are being developed in the series. The output will be Open-Drain and Push-Pull, and the number of circuits will be 1ch and 2ch. All types of samples are available.

Number of
Part No. Output type Package Status Samples
1ch. NJU77210 20211011_PP-Fig.png
Push-Pull Output
2ch. NJU77212 20211011_PP-Fig.png
Push-Pull Output
1ch. NJU77220 20211011_OD-Fig.png
Open-Drain Output
2ch. NJU77222 20211011_OD-Fig.png
Open-Drain Output

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