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July 07, 2021

NJR to launch a SPDT switch NJG1816K75 with industry-leading ultra-low current consumption for battery-powered LPWA equipment

 NJR (New Japan Radio) developed a SPDT switch NJG1816K75 with industry-leading *1 ultra-low current consumption for LPWA equipment and the mass production started.

*1 Researched by NJR in June 2021

General Description

 In recent years, the introduction of IoT (Internet of Things) has progressed in various application fields. LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) has been attracting attention as one of the main communication technologies that support IoT.
 LPWA, which realizes long-distance communication with low power consumption, uses RF switches to switch between transmission and reception. The NJG1816K75 is the best product that has the industry-leading ultra-low current consumption and can operate at low voltage.
 The NJG1816K75 achieves the ultra-low current consumption of 0.1 μA, and low insertion loss, high isolation characteristics in the 900MHz band. These features make it the best product for LPWA applications such as Sigfox, LoRaWAN and Wi-SUN.


Low current consumption
 Compared with other SPDT switches with the same functions, the NJG1816K75 can operate with very little current consumption.
 The general consumption current is 5μA, but the NJG1816K75 has only 0.1μA, so it is possible to reduce the current by 98%. This low current consumption is the top level in the industry and contributes to extending the battery life.

Wide switching voltage from 1.6V
 The NJG1816K75 supports a wide switching voltage from 1.6V to 4.0V, which is suitable for LPWA.

Adopt small package
 The very small package DFN6-75 (1.0 mm x 1.0 mm) contributes to the miniaturization of mounting equipment and modules.


 The DPDT switch NJG1813KG1 of series also has ultra-low current consumption, and is most suitable for switching multiple antennas.

< Examples of using NJG1816K75 / NJG1813KG1 >



Part No. NJG1816K75 NJG1813KG1
Functions SPDT switch DPDT switch
Control Voltage 1.8V typ. (1.6V to 4.0V) 3.0V typ. (1.8V to 4.0V)
Control Current 0.1µA typ. @1.8V 0.1µA typ. @3.0V
Insertion Loss 0.45dB typ. @ f=920MHz 0.45dB typ. @ f=920MHz
Isolation 30dB typ. @ f=920MHz 30dB typ. @ f=920MHz
P-0.1dB +30dBm typ. +30dBm typ.
Switching Time 100ns typ. 100ns typ.
Small Package DFN6-75
1.0 mm x 1.0 mm x 0.375 mm typ.
1.6 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.397 mm typ.




  • Antenna switching, path switching, general purpose switching applications
  • LPWA (Sigfox, LoRaWAN, Wi-SUN) applications

Production State

  • In mass production

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