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July 02, 2021

Mass production of MUSES series flagship operational amplifier “MUSES05” has begun

 New Japan Radio (NJR) has begun mass production of high quality audio operational amplifier "MUSES05" , which is the flagship of high quality audio devices "MUSES" series.

General Description

 MUSES series are high grade and high quality audio special devices developed for audiophiles to provide "true sound" that faithfully reproduce the original sound and pursue the sound resonating with sensibilities.
 The MUSES05 is an audio special operational amplifier that can faithfully reproduce music information that could not be reproduced by conventional operational amplifiers and discrete amplifiers, and is specialized for enjoying music.

20210623_MUSES_Logo.jpg MUSES and this logo are trademarks of New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.


    • ■High quality sound
      • The MUSES05 eliminated productivity constraints that prevent improving sound quality and achieved high quality sound using circuits, materials, and assembly technology that emphasize sound quality.

・High quality audio technology of MUSES05

Features Details Images
High quality audio process Tuned process for audio and developed special transistors that emphasize sound quality.
High quality sound wafer process
High quality audio circuit technology Full-balanced differential amplifier circuit improves transient response, dynamic range and distortion characteristics.
Full-balanced differential amplifier circuit
In order to reduce the mutual interference between the front stage and the rear stage in the amplifier to a minimum, the input and output stages of the circuit are separated by 2 chips.
2-chip configuration of input stage and output stage
High quality audio materials High-purity oxygen-free copper is used for the lead frame to achieve low loss and high heat dissipation.
20210623_lead frame.jpg
Oxygen-free copper lead frame

    • ■High performance
      • Achieves excellent audio characteristics such as ultra-low distortion, low noise, and high slew rate.
        • 【Characteristics】
          • Input stage/number of circuits J-FET/1 circuit
            Operating power supply ±3.5V to ±18V
            THD 0.00003% typ. (f=1kHz)
            Equivalent input noise voltage 7.5nV/√Hz typ. (f=1kHz)
            Slew rate SR=40V/μs typ.
            Gain bandwidth product 12MHz typ.
        • ■Small package
          • High-purity oxygen-free copper frame achieves high quality sound and high heat dissipation in a small package.
ESON12-CA8 (oxygen-free copper frame)
Size: 4.5 x 5.0 x 0.78mm


  • High-end audio equipment
  • Professional audio equipment
  • car audio systems
  • Portable audio players

Production Schedule

In mass production, General sales are scheduled around October 2021

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