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May 17, 2021

NJR to launch a high-power general purpose SPDT switch NJG1817ME4
with industry-leading low insertion loss for 5G(Sub6) small cells

 New Japan Radio (NJR) developed a high-power SPDT switch "NJG1817ME4" with industry-leading*1 ultra-low loss for 5G(Sub6) base stations such as small cells and started sample distribution.

*1 Researched by NJR in April, 2021

Development Background and issue of conventional high-power RF switch

 In recent years, the demand for small cells has increased rapidly with the start of 5G (the 5th generation mobile communication technologies) commercial services. In small cell system, the demand for the high-power protective switches (Fig. 1) used in the receiver is also increasing to protect the receive path from high transmit power.
 While the low insertion loss has been a major issue for conventional high-power RF switches. Therefore, the circulators with high cost and low insertion loss have been often used for high-power base stations, especially for Transmit / Receive switching parts that emphasize the loss characteristics. The NJG1817ME4 achieves high power and low insertion loss, so it can be used to protect the receive path (Fig. 1) and also used as a Transmit and Receive switch (Fig. 2).


General description

 The NJG1817ME4 is a general purpose SPDT switch with ultra-low insertion loss and high isolation that supports high power up to 10W. Particularly, the insertion loss is the top level in the industry at high frequency corresponding to 5G (sub6). Moreover, the high-speed switching characteristics are ideal for high-speed communication applications such as 5G.
 It is possible to reduce the size of the high-power switch and the mounting area with a small package of 2.0 mm x 2.0 mm. It also contributes to the miniaturization of communication equipment such as small cells that often use many switches.



Achieves both high power and low insertion loss
 The NJG1817ME4 supports high power up to 10W, and achieves ultra-low insertion loss of 0.35 to 0.45dB, especially in the 2G to 6GHz band of 5G (Sub6). Compared with the equivalent power switches of other companies, it is less than half of their insertion loss that is the top level in the industry.

High-speed switching characteristics ideal for 5G communication
 The NJG1817ME4 achieves high-speed switching characteristics with a switching time of 350 ns or less, and is ideal for high-speed communication such as 5G and Wi-Fi.

Adopts the industry's smallest package
 The NJG1817ME4 is a high-power switch that supports up to 10W, and adopts the industry's smallest size*2 package of 2.0mmx2.0mm that contributes to reduction of mounting area and miniaturization of communication terminals.

*2  Researched by NJR in April, 2021


Product Name NJG1817ME4
Control voltage 3.3V typ. (2.7 to 5.0 V)
Control current 7µA typ. @ 3.3 V
Low insertion loss 0.30dB typ. @ f = 700MHz
0.35dB typ. @ f = 3.85GHz
0.40dB typ. @ f = 4.7GHz
0.45dB typ. @ f = 6.0GHz
High isolation 30dB typ. @ f = 700MHz
27dB typ. @ f = 3.85GHz
27dB typ. @ f = 4.7GHz
25dB typ. @ f = 6.0GHz
P-0.1dB +40dBm typ.
Switching time 150ns typ. / 350 ns max.
Small package EQFN12-E4
2.0 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.397 mm typ.


  • 5G(Sub6) small cell system
  • Commercial radio communication terminals
  • Transmit / Receive switching, antenna switching, PA's output signal switching and other general purpose switching applications




  • Mass productionstart from July, 2021

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