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New Product
March 31, 2021

NJR to provide samples of the world’s smallest*
SiC Schottky Barrier Diode NJDCD010A065AA3PS

*Research by NJR in March 2021

 New Japan Radio (NJR) developed a 650V/10A Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier Diode NJDCD010A065AA3PS with the world's smallest size and high heat dissipation, and started sample distribution.

General Description


 In order to realize a sustainable and prosperous society, we have been developing the next-generation power devices as a new product group to realize the efficiency in the energy field.

 The NJDCD010A065AA3PS is the world's smallest Schottky barrier diode with the maximum rated 650 V / 10A using silicon carbide (SiC), compared with the fast recovery diode using the conventional silicon, it can achieve low loss and high speed switching.


    • 1. Both the world's smallest* size and low thermal resistance make it possible to optimize the board layout and case size.
      •  The world's smallest size of 4.0mmx6.5mmx0.9mm and low thermal resistance θjc=2.2℃/W(typ.) are achieved by the Clip Bond package that fully brings out the good thermal conductivity of SiC material. This makes it possible to mount it on the board where the mounting is difficult from component size and heat dissipation design.
         Moreover, since the wiring length of the board can be suppressed, the high performance of the application can be realized by reducing the wiring resistance and parasitic inductance.


Clip Bond structure


Influence of parasitic ingredient

    • 2. Contributes to higher efficiency and lower noise of applications
      •  The NJDCD010A065AA3PS has high performance diode characteristic, such as low forward voltage VF of 1.5V (@ if = 10a) and short recovery time of 10ns (@VR=400V) that affects the power loss during switching. This makes it faster and more efficient than silicon's fast recovery diode.
         In addition, the clip bond package improves the transient response characteristics and realizes low switching noise with excellent recovery characteristics.

Application example

 NJDCD010A065AA3PS features the world's smallest size, low loss, high-speed switching and low noise. It contributes to higher performance, higher efficiency, smaller size and lighter weight of various power supply circuits and motor drive circuits.


Application example to power supply circuit


  • Output diode of PFC circuit
  • Freewheel diode
  • Reverse connection prevention
  • Clamp circuit
  • Other general applications

Production Planning

  • Mass production starting July 2021

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