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August 31, 2020

NJR to launch a new rail-to-rail input comparator lineup
with industry-leading stability of time delay ※1

 New Japan Radio (NJR) has succeeded in reducing propagation delay fluctuation of rail-to-rail input comparator caused by input signal fluctuation to 1/10 of the conventional one.

 Comparators are used to detect analog signal level of various electronic and electrical equipment regardless of automotive equipment, industrial equipment, home appliance. A lower operating power supply voltage is required for low carbon society in the market. There is also an increasing demand for rail-to-rail input comparators.
 Our newly developed circuit technology of Dynamic Transient StabilizerTM has realized rail-to-rail input which suppressed the propagation delay fluctuation, and has expanded product lineup that conforms to market requirements.

  • ※1

    NJU77250, as of July 2020, according to our research

What is Dynamic Transient Stabilizer TM

 Ideal rail-to-rail input comparators with Dynamic Transient Stabilizer TM

 The propagation delay of the conventional general rail-to-rail input comparator may fluctuate 44% which is one of important characteristics when the input signal level fluctuates. So it is possible not to process the signal by the desired speed.
 In product development, this fluctuation of propagation delay must also be considered as a design margin, so it increases the design time. But if you use the circuit technology of Dynamic Transient Stabilizer TM, the stable response can be obtained with all ranges of input signals.
 New Japan radio contributes to the reduction of the propagation delay evaluation man-hours and design man-hours at each reference voltage required for applications using the conventional rail-to-rail input comparators.

Even though the input signal fluctuates, the fluctuation of propagation delay is very little


(Example) Voltage level detector circuit with a window comparator


Rail-to-rail input comparator series with Dynamic Transient Stabilizer TM

 NJR has a wide range of comparator lineup from ultra-low current consumption of 0.6uA to high speed of 42nsec, and including the number of circuits and output type.

 Rail-to-rail input comparator series

ldd Part Number of circuits Output type※2 Propagation delay Functions / Features Status
1.High output current 2.High EMI 3.Input tolerant AEC-Q100
For ultra-low consumption applications
(Sensors of mobile, etc.)
0.6uA NJU77210 1 PP 9.5us 50mA Under Development
NJU77220 1 OD 10us Under Development
NJU77212 2 PP 9.5us Samples from Nov.
NJU77222 2 OD 10us Under Development
For low consumption applications
(Battery control, etc.)
6uA NJU77230 1 PP 0.78us 40mA Mass production
NJU77240 1 OD 0.84us Mass production
NJU77232 2 PP 0.78us Mass production
NJU77242 2 OD 0.84us ※3 Mass production
For high speed applications
(Various protection circuits, etc.)
140uA NJU77250 1 PP 42ns 65mA Samples from Aug.
NJU77260 1 OD 125ns Samples from Nov.
NJU77252 2 PP 42ns Under Development
NJU77262 2 OD 125ns Under Development
  • ※2

    PP:Push-pull, OD: Open-drain

  • ※3

    please contact us for details


  • 1.High output current can reduce the number of peripheral circuit parts
    • NJU77250 can output 65mA high current.
      NJU77212 (under development) can output 50mA high current, despite the ultra-low supply current of 0.6uA.
  • 2.High EMI immunity design
    • NJU77230 has achieved high EMI immunity of EMIRR=62dB typ. @f=900MHz.
      Moreover, NJU77212 (under development) has achieved high EMI immunity of EMIRR=100dB typ. which is the industry-leading level. ※4
      Accordingly, the previously necessary filter parts such as capacitors, resisters are not required for improving the EMI immunity. It also contributes to high reliability design and reduction of design man-hours.
      • ※4

        NJU77212, as of July 2020, according to our research

  • 3.Input tolerance function
    • NJU77212 (under development) has built-in protection circuits that protects post-stage circuit and prevents malfunction of electrical equipment when the input voltage exceeds the power supply. So the previously necessary protection devices such as diodes can be reduced. And it contributes to fail-safe design and reduction of design man-hours.
  • The excellent temperature stability is suitable for automotive equipment and industrial equipment
    • he propagation delay fluctuation of NJU77250 is 0.05ns/°C to ambient temperature, and the temperature drift of its input offset voltage is 0.8uV/°C, so it can reduce the detection error.
      These characteristics are suitable for automotive equipment and industrial equipment applications that require stable and fast response in a wide temperature environment.


  • Protection circuits such as overvoltage detector, overcurrent detector, thermal shutdown etc.
  • Window comparator
  • Drive LED
  • Drive relay
  • The whole of Electronic and electrical equipment/li>

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