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April 09, 2020

NJR begins Mass Production of Audio Volume MUSES72323 with high performance and high quality sound

New Japan Radio (NJR) launches an audio volume "MUSES72323" with high performance and high quality sound and claims it has entered mass production.

General Description

MUSES72323 is an audio volume of "MUSES" series with high performance and high quality sound.
It has high operating voltage up to ±18V, low distortion, low output noise and 0.25dB step control.
Employing external amplifiers will offer designer more flexible circuit design chance.
MUSES72323 is suitable for high-end audio equipment and professional audio equipment pursuing high performance and high quality sound


MUSES is a semiconductor device brand name of the audio products which pursued high quality sound.
MUSES is a unique original series of products produced based on the following concept.
 1. Pursuit of high quality sound
 2. Faithful pursuit of original sound without coloring, exaggeration and loss
 3. Pursuit of the excellent sound shocking person's heart that cannot be shown in specification number.


  • High quality sound
    • MUSES72323 is an audio volume flagship product developed based on the MUSES concept. We developed it taking advantage of the circuit technology, semiconductor process technology and assembly technology that have been cultivated in the MUSES series and repeating trial listening many times.
  • High performance
    1. - High dynamic range with the operating voltage up to ±18V
    2. - 0.25dB step adjustment
    3. - Low noise, low distortion ※1
    4. - Reduce the noise generated during volume adjustment combining zero cross detection circuit ※2 and soft step circuit ※3
  • Flexible design for high quality sound system
    • In order to configure high quality sound system freely, operational amplifier is used as external component, so flexible high quality sound design is possible.
      Because the MUSES72323 is a semiconductor volume, the variation between channels can be reduced. In addition, if it is combined with the MUSES series amplifiers, higher quality sound system can be achieve

Fig.1 Configuration of conventional volume IC 
Fig.2 Configuration of MUSES72323


Part Number MUSES72323
Number of Channels 2
Built-In Operational Amplifier No
Operating Voltage Range
±10 to ±18V
+3.0 to +5.5V
Volume 0 to -111.75dB
0.25dB step, Mute
Gain※4 +21 to 0dB
3dB step
Total Harmonic Distortion※1 0.00024%
Output Noise Voltage※1 -124dBV
Zero Cross Detection Circuit※2
Soft Step Circuit※3
Control Format 3-wired serial control
Number of using chips on same bus line 4
Package SSOP32
11mm x 7.6mm
Minimum Order Quantity 100pcs

  • ※1

    Confirm to the characteristics of the combined amplifiers. The table shows an example of low noise amplifier.

  • ※2

    Zero cross : this function reduces audible noise generated during gain adjustment changing the volume when the input signal is near GND (reference voltage).

  • ※3

    Soft step : this function reduces the zipper noise generated during gain adjustment changing the volume by smaller step.

  • ※4

    The gain can be adjusted by 0.25dB step with the volume control data.




  • High-end audio equipment
  • Professional audio equipment

Production Schedule

  • In mass production

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