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March 28, 2017

MUSES Flagship Operational Amplifier "MUSES03" has begun selling

New JRC has launched a new high quality audio device "MUSES" series flagship model "MUSES03" which is a single, J-FET input high quality audio operational amplifier.This new MUSES operational amplifier continues the concept of MUSES pursuing the "Real pure sound" of heartquake, and adds a new product member in MUSES flagship series.Please enjoy the high quality sound from MUSES03.

General Description

The MUSES03 is a single, J-FET input high quality audio operational amplifier for premium audio equipment. Employing the circuits, unique material and assembly technology emphasizing the sound quality, the MUSES03 realizes the high sound quality. Since the MUSES03 features high sound quality, low input bias current, low noise, ultra-low distortion ratio and high slew rate, it is suitable for I-V converter amplifiers, preamplifiers, active filters, headphone amplifiers, line amplifiers.


Hot Technologies Technical Contents Figures
Audio circuit for high sound quality
  • Employs full-balanced differential amplifier circuit
  • Improves responsivity, dynamic range, distortion ratio
Full-balanced differential amplifier circuit
Assembly technology for high sound quality
  • The input and output stage are separated into different chips, using a two-chip structure
  • Separating the input and output, reduces the interference each other
Two-chip structure by separating the input and output stage
Material for high sound quality
  • Employs the high purity oxygen-free copper lead frame (the same as the MUSES01/MUSES02)
  • Transmits the sound signal by minimal deterioration of sound quality
Oxygen-free copper lead frame



Input/number of circuit J-FET/Single
Operating voltage ±3.5V to ±18V
Equivalent Input noise voltage 7.5nV/√Hz typ. (f=1kHz)
Total harmonic distortion (THD) 0.00003% typ. (f=1kHz)
Slew rate SR=35V/μs typ.
Gain bandwidth product 12MHz typ.


  • Hi-Fi audio equipment
  • Professional audio equipment

MUSES Operational Amplifiers

New JRC has been focusing on "Improving the sound texture" and "Improving the reproduction of the sound fields space" to improve the sound quality. We employed the new circuit technology, chip layout design, unique lead frame material, and the essence of New JRC's audio IC technology to develop a series of high quality audio operational amplifiers. Usually the material, chip size and manufacture process of products are some barriers to improve sound quality. But we have never considered these barriers and pursued high sound quality, thus developed the MUSES series of audio operational amplifiers.

The MUSES series lines up electronic volume and audio SiC-SBD besides operational amplifiers.

MUSES special site

MUSESMUSES This mark is the trademark or registered trademark of New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

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