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March 15, 2017

New JRC launched a Broadband FM IF Demodulator IC NJW2311 with Phase Shifter-less for Voice

New JRC has released a new product FM IF demodulator IC NJW2311 which has broadband function and phase shifter-less, and it is suitable for wireless or wired voice communication.

General Description

The NJW2311 is an FM demodulation IC which can automatically IF detect the FM modulating signal of 1.5MHz to 15MHz, and it can operate from 4.5V. If the NJW2311 is used in the communication system, the phase shifter will be unnecessary which was conventionally required as external parts.
The NJW2311 has built in an IF amplifier, an FM demodulator and a low noise operational amplifier.
Since the NJW2311 realizes high S/N ratio and low distortion characteristics, it is very suitable for the various FM receivers for wireless or wired voice communication.


Unnecessary external phase shifter, automatically IF detects the signal of 1.5MHz to 15MHz

FM IF detector IC has usually used external phase shifter which consists of LC (inductance coil and capacitor) and some special elements. If L or C values of phase shifter are very uneven, the tuning frequencies will be variable for each phase shifter. Therefore the frequency matching is necessary after mounting.
By using the original circuit technology of New JRC, The NJW2311 can perform FM demodulation for wireless and wired communication without external phase shifter.
Since the NJW2311 can operate in broadband, automatically IF detect the signal of 1.5MHz to 15MHz, the frequency adjustment is unnecessary after mounting. Moreover it is possible to reduce the mounting area by reducing conventional parts.

Excellent FM demodulation characteristics, S/N ratio: 80dB,THD: 0.015%

Since the NJW2311 employs the circuit design of phase shifter-less, even if operates over 4.5V voltage, it can realize excellent S/N ratio: 80dB and THD: 0.015% characteristics of highest industry level*

  • *

    New JRC has investigated in February 2017

Built-in a low noise operational amplifier

By using the low noise operational amplifier which New JRC is adept at that field in pre-driver as sound output signal amplification, we can ensure excellent S/N ratio in FM demodulation.
Moreover, in order to obtain the output of user requirement, amplification rate of the operational amplifier can be set at any value by the external resistance.

FM Demodulation Characteristic

FM Demodulation Characteristic


Operating current 23mA typ.
Voltage range 4.5V to 5.5V
Automatic IF detection IF = 1.5MHz to 15MHz (S-curve characteristic cannot be obtained)
Demodulated output frequency range fmod = 20Hz to 100kHz (External parts modification: up to 300kHz
Excellent S/N ratio 80dB @fdev=75kHz
Excellent distortion ratio 0.015% @fdev=75kHz
Package SSOP14


  • Wireless microphone (RF/IR)
  • Wireless headphone (RF/IR)
  • Intercom, Water heater remote control (wired)


  • Already entered mass production

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