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October 11, 2016

Announcement about Sample Release Time of New MUSES Flagship Amplifier "MUSES03"

New JRC will release a new flagship model "MUSES03" in high quality audio device "MUSES" series and has determined to provide samples from December 2016. The "MUSES03" is a single J-FET input high quality audio amplifier.


MUSES03 is a single J-FET input high quality audio amplifier with special consideration for audio application. The MUSES03 is very suitable for audio pre-amplifier, reference amplifier, active filter, line amplifier, earphone amplifier, etc. Moreover, because J-FET has low input bias current, the MUSES03 is much too suitable for I/V converter using op amp.


Input Type/Number of circuits J-FET/1 circuits
Operating Voltage ±3.5V to ±18V
Equivalent Input Noise Voltage 7.5nV/√Hz
THD 0.00003% typ.(Av=1)
Slew rate SR=35V/μs typ.
Gain bandwidth product 12MHz typ.
Package outline MUSES03


  • Advanced audio equipment
  • Professional audio equipment


  • MUSES03 will be released from December 2016

MUSES Amplifiers

New JRC has been focusing on sound quality, such as "Improving the sound texture", "Improving the reproduction of the sound field space", and so on. MUSES amplifier series of high quality audio amplifiers employed excellent circuit design techniques, chip layout design technology and new frame material for audio, coupled with New JRC's audio IC technology essence. All along, the product material, chip size and production process have been obstructing improvement of sound quality. We have never minded these factors, and sought only sound quality, so MUSES amplifiers were developed.

MUSES special site

MUSESMUSES This mark is the trademark or registered trademark of New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

Precaution for counterfeit semiconductor products

We have recently detected many counterfeit semiconductor products that have very similar appearances to our operational amplifier "MUSES" in the world-wide market. In most cases, it is hard to distinguish them from our regular products by their appearance, and some of them have very poor quality and performance.

They can not provide equivalent quality of our regular product, and they may cause breakdowns or malfunctions if used in your systems or applications.

 We would like our customers to purchase "MUSES" through our official sales channels: our sales branches, sales subsidiaries and distributors.

 Please note that we hold no responsibilities for any malfunctions or damages caused by using counterfeit products. We would appreciate your understanding.

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