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April 20, 2016

New JRC introduces a Fundamental Crystal Oscillator IC NJU6222 with Ultra-Low Phase Noise for Digital Audio

New JRC had released samples of Ultra-Low Phase Noise fundamental frequency quartz crystal oscillator IC "NJU6222" which improves the sound quality of digital audio system with applying as master-clock into D-A converter.

General Description

NJU6222 is most suited for a master-clock generator into D-A converter of digital audio system.

More high quality sound is being requested for all audio equipment such as smartphone, tablet PC, PC, portable audio, car stereo, home audio and others in market, due to digital broadcasting of television and radio, high speed internet environment, and the spread of high-resolution sound source and so on. By applying ultra-low phase noise clock as a master clock of D-A converter, the D-A converter realizes the true analog signal from the original digital source or data. Therefore audio equipment can faithfully reproduce the original sound, and achieve the quality sound.

Because of optimization of the circuit for high quality sound of digital audio and employment of low noise process, NJU6222 can achieve ultra-low phase noise at the highest level in the world*1 as clock oscillator IC combined with crystal oscillator (20MHz to 50MHz). Moreover, Operating voltage of NJU6222 corresponds to wide voltage from portable equipment to home audio, and NJU6222 can achieve the ultra-low phase noise characteristics in a wide voltage range.

  • *1

    We researched on March 2016


Ultra-low phase noise of the world highest level was achieved as a oscillation IC for SPXO*2.

NJU6222 realizes low phase noise oscillator by combining with a quartz crystal (20MHz-50MHz). Therefore RMS Jitter is reduced.

Phase Noise -158dBc/Hz @1kHz offset(fOSC=49.152MHz,VDD=1.8V)
-162dBc/Hz @1kHz offset(fOSC=49.152MHz,VDD=3.3V)
RMS Jitter 0.13psec @12kHz to 20MHz(fOSC=49.152MHz,VDD=1.8V)
0.05psec @12kHz to 20MHz(fOSC=49.152MHz,VDD=3.3V)

Wide operating voltage range : 1.62V to 3.63V

NJU6222 is useful for battery operation portable digital audio equipment, car audio and home audio.

Chip size : 0.58 x 0.588mm

The forms of NJU6222 are CHIP and Wafer. This small chip could be contributed for miniaturization of SPXO*2 such as SMD2016 and others.

IC tray figure : It is a NJU6222 chip in red circle
  • *2

    Simple Packaged Crystal Oscillator


Ultra-Low Phase Noise -158dBc/Hz @1kHz offset(fOSC=49.152MHz,VDD=1.8V)
-162dBc/Hz @1kHz offset(fOSC=49.152MHz,VDD=3.3V)
Oscillation Frequency 20MHz to 50MHz
Operating Voltage 1.62V to 3.63V
Operating Temperature Topr= -40ºC to +125ºC
Tristate Output
Standby Function Oscillation stop and high output impedance
Chip Size 0.58 x 0.588mm
Chip Thickness 130µm
Outline Chip,Wafer


  • Smartphone, tablet terminal, note PC, desktop PC, portable audio equipment
  • Car stereo, home audio, home theater, electronic musical instrument
  • Wireless module etc.


  • Mass production from July 2016

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