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March 23, 2015

New JRC's Dual H-bridge driver NJW4814 with boost switching regulator that is well suitable for Piezoelectric Device

From March 23, 2015 New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (New JRC) provides the dual H-bridge driver IC NJW4814 that is well suitable for driving the piezoelectric device for digital still camera's zoom function and hand-shake correction function etc.

General Description

Usually it needs 20V to 30V supply voltage and H-bridge driver for driving piezoelectric device. So when use Li-ion battery or 5V supply voltage for driving, it always needs other boost regulator and other H-bridge driver circuit.

If you use the driver IC NJW4814, only one-chip can completely drive the piezoelectric device. The boost switching regulator and H-bridge driver are integrated into this one-chip inside. Furthermore the NJW4814 has built-in dual H-bridge driver, so only one NJW4814 can drive 2 piezoelectric devices for digital still camera's zoom function and hand-shake correction function. That excellent feature is beneficial to miniaturize equipment.

We also lineup the single H-bridge driver NJW4813*1 .

  • *1

    The The NJW4813's package : PCSP20-E3(3.5mm□)


Integrate boost regulator and dual H-bridge driver into one-chip

The monolithic IC of boost regulator and dual H-bridge driver with small package EQFN24-LE (4.0mm□) is well suitable for miniaturized electric equipment.

The H-bridge driver can be operated up to 300 kHz

The maximum input frequency of the H-bridge driver is 300 kHz. If you want to drive the piezoelectric device above 100 kHz, the NJW4814 can support the high speed mode.
Driving the piezoelectric device in high speed mode will increase the power consumption of the H-bridge circuit along with increasing frequency. The NJW4814 can solve that problem.
Because the NJW4814 employs D-MOS structure by BCD process, it is possible to achieve low power consumption in high speed operation through low ON resistance.

Shut down the reactive current that flows to the resistance of setting output voltage

Even though boost switching regulator is in standby mode, the reactive current flows to the resistance of setting output voltage, so result in power waste.
The NJW4814 can shut down the current of flowing to the resistance of setting output voltage, which can achieve low power consumption in standby mode.


  • Boost Switching Regulator
    Output Switching Voltage : 40V max.
    Switching Current : 1.5A min.
    PWM Control Mode
    Operating Voltage Range : 2.7 - 5.5V
    Oscillation Frequency : 380k - 1MHz
    Soft Start Function : 48 ms typ.
    Overcurrent Protection
    Overvoltage Protection
  • H-bridge Driver
    Dual H-Bridge Circuit
    Independent Signal Input
    Current for Detecting Overcurrent : 300mA typ.
    Operating Voltage Range : 7.0 - 35V
    Switching Frequency : 300kHz max.
    Output Shut-down Function
    Output FAULT Signal Function
  • UVLO(Under Voltage Lockout)
  • Thermal Shutdown Function
  • Standby Function
NJW4814MLE : EQFN24-LE Package


  • Drive piezoelectric device(Actuator, Transducer etc.)
  • Drive MEMS device


  • Mass Production (MP)

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