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November 20, 2014

New JRC's automotive operational amplifier NJU77903 with 36V, 200mAp-p that is suitable for resolver excitation

Tokyo Japan, November 20, 2014 New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (New JRC) has provided the operational amplifier NJU77903 for resolver excitation in automotive electric system that realizes the easy resolver design, makes the mounting board or ECU*1 smaller and lighter, and improves the reliability of products.
The resolver exciting circuit is an angle sensor of a motor rotating shaft used for hybrid vehicle and electric vehicle.

  • *1

    ECU : Electronic Control Unit

General Description

The NJU77903 is the best choice for the resolver excitation of a motor rotating shaft angle sensor used in hybrid vehicle or electric vehicle.
So far combining a plurality of operational amplifiers and transistors have corresponded to high output current requirement on the high voltage and high output current application such as resolver exciting circuit. Therefore, it has complicated the circuit design, increased the size of the mounting board and ECU*1, and reduced the product reliability, that have caused numerous problems.
The NJU77903 can correspond to the maximum rating voltage 40V, the operating voltage 36V, and high output current 200mAp-p with only one operational amplifier. Moreover the NJU77903 can realize the simple circuit design for the mounting board or ECU and the improvement of reliability.
In addition, the NJU77903's capability of high voltage and high output current are also suitable for bias application in semiconductor test equipment and data transmitting output line driver between the equipment.
New JRC have planned the lineup small package DFN8−W2(ESON8-W2) also for industrial equipment and measuring equipment.


The operating voltage 36V,high output current and automotive process are suitable for resolver excitation

The operating voltage 36V, maximum rating voltage 40V,high output current 200mAp-p, and automotive process are suitable for resolver excitation in automotive electric system. New JRC provides optimal single-chip solution for resolver exciting circuit required these characteristics.

Contain two protection circuits, a current limit function and a thermal shutdown function

The current limit function for short mode of output terminal and the thermal shutdown function for avoiding NJU77903 burned itself are built in.

Small size / high heat dissipation leadless package for Industrial equipment and Measuring equipment.

Except for high heat dissipation TO252-5 package, the small size / high heat dissipation leadless package DFN8−W2(ESON8-W2)*2 is also suitable for industrial equipment and measuring equipment. Furthermore users can freely adjust the current limit values with DFN8-W2(ESON8-W2) package.

  • *2

    DFN8−W2(ESON8-W2) is the general specification only.


Wide Operating Voltage 6.8V to 36V
High output current ±100mA typ. (200mAp-p typ.)
Wide Operating Temperature Topr= -40ºC to +125ºC
Rail-to-Rail Input / Output  
Enhanced RF noise immunity  
Current Consumption 9.5mA typ.
Open Loop Gain 100dB typ.
Input Bias 1pA typ.
Slew Rate 3.5V/μs typ.
Unity Gain Frequency 1.5MHz typ.
Thermal shutdown circuit  
Current Limit circuit  
Package Outline TO252-5, DFN8−W2(ESON8-W2)
Left : TO252-5 , Right : DFN8−W2


  • Angle Resolver
  • Motor Driver
  • Semiconductor Tester
  • Liner Power Booster


  • Mass Production (MP) Began from October 2014
    Planning to product up to 50,000/ month after 1 year and increase up to 150,000/month in the next step

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