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September 11, 2014

New JRC introduces the MUSES8832 a High Quality Audio Operational Amplifier with Low Voltage that is a new product of the MUSES OPAMP series

Tokyo Japan, September 11, 2014 New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (New JRC) has introduced to the market the MUSES8832, a dual high quality audio operational amplifier with low operating voltage(±1.35V or +2.7V) for high-end audio equipment.

General Description

The MUSES8832 is a dual bipolar input operational amplifier, it belongs to low operating voltage type of MUSES OPAMP series developed from integrated circuit technology and chip-layout techniques of the MUSES flagship model.
Following high quality sound development concept of MUSES series, it is possible to be operated by low voltage(±1.35V or +2.7V), in addition to low noise (2.1nV/√ Hz typ. at f=1kHz). Therefore the MUSES8832 can reproduce high grade sound for low voltage equipment such as portable audio or car audio application.
The MUSES8832 employs 2 small surface mount type packages (SSOP, SOP JEDEC) that are well suited for portable equipment and can improve productivity of the audio equipment. Considering the environment burden reduction, the MUSES8832's packages correspond to lead-free and halogen-free.

  • Reference: New JRC has been putting great considerable effort into pursuing sound quality such as "improving in reality", "improving in acoustic space reproducibility". The MUSES Series is the high quality audio device, putting into our all technologies of audio ICs such as circuitry, chip-layout and lead-frame materials.


High Quality Sound

Using the circuit technology and chip-layout techniques from the MUSES OPAMP flagship model, and repeating tests in the same way as the existing MUSES series, the MUSES8832 has realized low voltage operation and high quality sound.

Low Operating Voltage ±1.35V to ±7V (+2.7V to +14V)

Due to ±1.35V low operating voltage, the car audio equipment which requires portable audio and low voltage can be easily achieved high quality sound.

Low Noise 2.1nV/√ Hz typ. at f=1kHz

Due to low noise, sound signal amplification can be better for the equipment with earphone or headphone.


Bipolar input  
Operating voltage ±1.35V to ±7V (+2.7V to +14V)
Low noise 2.1nV/√ Hz typ. at f=1kHz
Low distortion rate 0.0009% typ. (V+=5V, at Vo=1.3Vrms)
Wide gain bandwidth product 10MHz typ.
Package Outline SOP8 JEDEC 150mil, SSOP8-A3
Left : SOP8 JEDEC, Right : SSOP8-A3


  • High-end Audio Equipment
  • Portable Audio Equipment
  • Car Audio Equipment


  • Mass Production (MP): Planning to product 20,000pcs/ month from October 2014
  • Engineering Sample (ES): Planning to start from September 2014

MUSESMUSES This mark is the trademark or registered trademark of New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

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