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February 27, 2013

New JRC has signed a licensing agreement for SJ MOS transistor with DENSO Corporation

Tokyo, Japan, February 27, 2013 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (New JRC,TSE:6911) announced today that it has signed a licensing agreement for Super Junction Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (SJ MOS) transistor manufacturing technology, with DENSO Corporation (DENSO, TSE,NSE:6902) - a leading global supplier of automotive technology, systems and components.

General Description

DENSO's SJ MOS transistor manufacturing technology provides power semiconductor devices with the world-leading low on-resistance*1 and New JRC is the first licenser of the technology.
DENSO's trench-filling technology allows the SJ MOS transistor a low on-resistor per surface area (approximately one half of conventional on-resistance), which provides power conservation and space saving of power units.

New JRC will start mass production of SJ MOS transistor with 20A class output current in August 2013 and will develop the transistor with 10A and 30A output gradually to expand our business.
We will focus on the market requiring power conservation and space saving, such as a power supply for PC, power conditioner and AC adapter.
New JRC is a member of the Nissinbo group, providing optimal solution for low-carbon society, as an eco-company. We will provide energy-saving power semiconductors to be good for low-carbon society.

  • *1

    February 2013: according to our own research


VDSS 600V (min)
ID 20A
RDS (ON) 190mΩ (max)


  • Power supply unit for PC, Power conditioner, AC adapter

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