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January 26, 2012

New Japan Radio and Silvaco Establish Design Environment for Analog Master Slice


Tokyo, Japan and Santa Clara, CA - January 26, 2012

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (New Japan Radio) and Silvaco, Inc. (Silvaco) today jointly announced the establishment of a special design environment for Analog Master Slice provided by New Japan Radio which improves design efficiency.

Design houses using Analog Master Slice for the development of special prototype ICs, and for small lot productions, take advantage of shorter production times compared to custom ICs. Design houses have long desired to improve and increase the speed of layout designs. To meet these demands, New Japan Radio and Silvaco have created a special design environment optimized for layout design of Analog Master Slice which reduces the layout design time by half.
This jointly built special design environment, which enables customers to achieve significant reductions in design time, is user-friendly for engineers with various levels of experience. The best mix of New Japan Radio's Analog Master Slice and Silvaco's Token License enables customers to greatly reduce development costs. New Japan Radio and Silvaco will continue to work closely with customers to understand customer needs and provide the best solutions.

About Analog Master Slice

Analog Master Slice is a service that customizes an analog IC for specific customer requirements using wafers with prefabricated elements such as transistors, resistors, capacitors and circuit blocks such as operational amplifiers, and adding the wiring layers as desired. Prefabricated elements, except for wiring layers, make it possible to deliver Engineering Sample (ES) in a minimum of four weeks after wiring layout is completed.

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