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December 22, 2011

Small sized and low power consumptiondigital signal controller for digital power supply control

Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 22, 2011 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has introduced to the market the NJU20300 and NJU20301, the small sized and low power consumption digital signal controller (DSC) for digital controlled power supply. It is suitable for office automation equipments such as MFP(multi function printer) and mobile telecommunication station.

Background of development

The market injection of NJU20010/NJU20011 (July 20, 2010 announcement) of digital controlled power supply DSC was carried out in New Japan Radio.
Industrial apparatus, such as OA equipment and a communication base station, can also be asking for the miniaturization of parts, and the further low-power-consumption design.
NJU20300 series was developed that these demands should be satisfied.


Small sized and low power consumption, Corresponds to the high switching frequency

NJU20300series,low power consumption of about 44% compared to our conventional products*1 (135mW @ 30MHz) as well as, the built-in small packages, and about*1 75% reduction in footprint.
In addition, strives to control high speed or low power compact inherits NJU20010/20011,500KHz at a practical level (1MHz theory) corresponds to the high switching frequency. Therefore, you can also choose a small component of peripheral components such as coils and capacitors, contributing to the miniaturization of electronic devices.

*1Comparison of NJU20010/20011 and NJU20301.

semi-differential input provides reduction of ground loop noise effects

In NJU20300 series, the comparator with a D/A converter and the oscillating circuit are built in.
Reduction and circuitry of external parts are simplified by making service voltage into 3.3V and one line intensive*2:.

*2NJU20010/20011 is required for 1.8V and 3.3V.

SAR ADC can be easily controlled auxiliary functions such as motor and quadrature encoder works 10bitADC

NJU20300 series can choose a SAR(successive approximation) A/D converter (following, ADC) or differential ADC one by one.
The SAR ADC becomes have two sample hold circuits, can perform a quadrature encoder interface (QEI) operation setup by a timer module in general, and Control such as motors one by one.。


Feature and Characteristics

  • Operating voltage: 3.3V
  • Power consumption: 135mW@30MHz
  • CPU: 31.25MHz, 4-stage pipeline
  • Memory: OTP ROM 8kW
  • A/D conversion
    SAR: 10bit / 1Msps / 8ch. (NJU20300), 7ch. (NJU20301)
    Differential: 6bit / 6Msps / 4ch.
  • PWM wave pattern generation: 2.5ns resolving power output / 6output / 3ch
  • Serial IF: UART / SPI / I2C
  • IO port comparator: 12 I/O port / function pin and common use
  • Development support tools
    JTAG debugger WATCHPOINT (Sophia systems Co.,Ltd.)
    IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Package outline
    NJU20300 LQFP48-R3 (9.0×9.0×1.5mm)
    NJU20301 QFL36-B2 (6.0×6.0×0.9mm)


  • OA equipment (Power control and motor control)
  • Mobile telecommunication station (Small sized and low power DC/DC Converter)


Type No. Engineering samples (ES) Mass production (MP)
NJU20300 Already available June 2012
NJU20301 Already available April 2012

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