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July 28, 2011

1.2W monaural power amplifier suitable for fire alarm with 1.8V low voltage operation

Tokyo, Japan, July 28, 2011 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has introduced to the market the NJU7089, low voltage operation 1.2W monaural power amplifier suitable for audio power amplifier of battery-powered equipments such as fire alarm.

Background of development

Fire alarm and IC recorder are generally battery operation. They require low voltage operation ICs mounted in them, because of long life operation with putting the battery performance to best use. Further IC recorder often employs differential type DAC output for noise reduction.
To meet these needs, New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has developed the NJU7089, 1.2W monaural power amplifier with low voltage operating and differential type input.


Suitable for battery-powered equipments by 1.8V low voltage operation

The NJU7089 operates from low voltage of 1.8V corresponds to two dry-cell batteries final voltage(0.9V×2)*1. It can put the battery performance to best use.*1

Providing sufficient acoustic pressure with 1.2W output

The NJU7089 provides sufficient acoustic pressure using fire alarm application with 1.2W output, 20% higher than other similar products.

Providing mounting area reduction by compact low-profile package

We prepare compact low-profile package type. The NJU7089 is a need for higher density equipments such as an IC recorder,provided a compact, low- profile package. (ESON8-V1 : 2.3×2.3×0.397mm) It can be reduced by 40%*2 compared with an equivalent mounting area than its competitors.

  • *1Our conventional product, NJU7084 operates from +2.8V
  • *2Our examination as of July 2011


  • Operating Voltage V+=+1.8V to +5.5 V
  • Differential Input
  • Output Power Po=1.2W typ. (@V+=5V,RL=8Ω,THD=1%)
  • Stand-By Function
  • Operating Current
  • IDD1=2.5mA typ. ( @V+=5V,RL=open, at No Signal)
  • IDD1=2μA typ. ( @V+=5V,RL=open, at Stand-By)
  • Package outline
  • VSP8 (2.9×4.0×1.2mm)
  • SSOP20-C3 (6.5×6.4×1.25mm)
  • ESON8-V1 (2.3×2.3×0.397mm)


  • Fire alarm
  • IC recorder etc.


  • Engineering Samples(ES): already available from June 2011
  • Mass Production(MP): July 2011

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