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May 10, 2011

New Japan Radio will start "The Analog Master Slice service"

Tokyo Japan, June 1, 2011 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (Shinji Takeuchi, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, President).Today announced New Japan Radio, will start "The Analog Master Slice service" which can reduce the cost and lead-time of developing your new analog IC/LSI.

Background of development

Integration of discrete function is conventionally solved, by using existing commodity products or customized products.
But it such as "Lacking of the functions", "Can't afford the cost and lead time for the new project".New Japan Radio will start the analog master slice service, offering more design flexibility and reducing development time, to be responsible for those issues.


About Analog Master Slice]

The Analog Master Slice is the service which offers the original analog semi-customized IC/LSI for customers.
The wafers which are prefabricated transistors, resistors, capacitors and other devices are prepared, then creation of the original IC/LSI is accomplished by adding the glass mask of wiring layers to be customized as desired.
The cost and lead-time can be reduced since the common master slice is utilized.The lead-time for ES (engineering samples) is usually 4 weeks after the layout design is completed.*1

  • *1

    Standard customized IC/LSI usually takes at least 24 weeks.

Feature and Characteristics

  • Process : High voltage 5 inches Bipolar
  • Maximum operating voltage: 40V
  • Range of junction temperature: -40°C to +125°C
  • Vehicle use compliant
  • Available types: Transistor array type and Macro-cell type.
  • Applications: Vehicle equipments, Sensor AFE(Analog Front End), Audio pre-amplifiers, etc.

OEM services

New Japan Radio is also responsible for following services.

  • Wafer Test
  • Wafer Final Test*2
  • Burn-in Test*2
  • Package sealing*2
  • *2

    These services are provided by SAGA electronics, subsidiary of New Japan Radio.

Schedule & WebSite

  • The services starts from May, 2011
  • Exclusive use WebSite Other window

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