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December 16, 2010

Providing power switching control application easily by general purpose half-bridge driver with built-in power MOS FET and various protection circuits

New Japan Radio releases the NJW4800, Half-Bridge Driver with maximum input voltage of 30V and output current of 4A

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has introduced to the market the NJW4800, a 30V/4A general purpose half-bridge driver with built-in power MOS FET, providing power switching application easily with only PWM signal from DSP or microcomputer.

Background of development

For environmental load reduction and high efficiency, many up-to-date electronic devices employ digital power control technique to drive motors and LEDs mounted thereon. Therefore, design engineers are required power device driving knowledge in addition to digital control knowledge using microcomputer and DSP. The power circuits are often designed with discrete components, so engineers are required advanced knowledge and technical know-how, such as selection of power MOSFET, protection circuit designing for safety and so on. It imposes a serious burden on engineers.
To clear up these problems, New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has developed the NJW4800, a general purpose half-bridge driver with built-in power MOS FET and protection circuits, providing power circuit designing easily.

Key Features

The NJW4800 is a general purpose half-bridge driver with built-in power MOS FET, thermal shut-down circuit, over-current protection circuit and under voltage lockouts circuit.

Providing power switching control system easily by combination of DSP and Microcomputer

The NJW4800 provides power circuit designing easily without advanced knowledge and technical know-how, because of built-in power MOSFET and various protection circuits. Moreover it has good specifications of input voltage (30V max.) and output current (4A max.).They are the best suitable specifications for various applications ranging from household appliances, audio video equipments to industrial machinery.

Providing safety design by various built-in protection circuits

For safety design, protection circuits such as thermal shutting down, over-current protection and under voltage lockouts are essential circuits at power circuit design. But it is necessary advanced knowledge and technical know-how at circuit design with discrete components and parts selection. Moreover, large number of parts and large mounting space are required. The NJW4800 has dead-time generate circuit preventing power MOSFET through current in addition to these three protection circuits. So it provides safety design and circuit design engineer's burden reducing.

Providing downsizing of equipments by high switching frequency, 1.2MHz

Generally, switching frequency of power MOSFET is hundreds of kHz. The NJW4800 has high switching frequency, 1.2MHz (1,200kHz), so it allows using smaller external parts such as inductor and capacitor, and it provides downsizing of circuits and equipments.



  • Power Supply application such as LED light
  • Lithuum-ion Battery Charger, DC to DC converter


  • High Output Switching Current: ±4A
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range: 7.5V to 30V
  • Switching Frequency: up to 1.2MHz, 1.2MHz max.
  • Various Built-in Protection Circuits
    Thermal Shut Down / Over Current Protection / Under Voltage Lockouts
    Dead Time Control Generating / Fault Indicator Output
  • Stand-by Current: IQOFF=3µA typ.
  • Package Outline: HSOP8(5.2×6.2×1.55 mm typ.)


  • Engineering Samples(ES) : already available from September 2010
  • Mass Production(MP) : December 2010

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