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July 20, 2010

Providing more high level power control by the first DSC in Japan*1 for digital controlled power supply New Japan Radio releases the NJU20010 series, DSC (Digital Signal Controller) for power control

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has introduced to the market the NJU20010, the first Digital Signal Controller (DSC) in Japan, for digital controlled power supply. It is suitable for digital power-conversion applications such as power-conditioner on solar energy generation system and power supply unit on LED Lights.

*1 Our examination as of July 2010

Background of development

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has been developing digital power-control technology from few yeas ago, as the first-started Japanese analog power management IC manufacture. The digital power-control technology provides high performances which can not be achieved by analog technology.
Conventional switching regulators mainly employed analog power-control. But the digital power-control technology provides more high performances to power supply such as various functions, high efficiency and miniaturization.
Recently, the increasing of electronics manufacture's interest to digital controlled power supply demands devices for digital controlled power supply which have parameter optimization, real-time control, more high speed control and external communication capability.
To meet these needs, New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has developed the NJU20010, DSC for digital controlled power supply, with high-performance real-time control and fast response.

Key Features

The NJU20010 series is our original DSC with maximum operating frequency of 62.5MHz. It is improved real-time control capability and optimum designed for digital power-conversion applications.

Providing fast response characteristics

The NJU20010 consists of hybrid type 16-bit fixed-point DSP core "Ximo16A" which combines the advantages of DSP and Micro-Controller, high-speed AD converter and flexible PWM circuit. It can provide fast response characteristics of the equipments including peripheral circuits.

Providing power consumption management corresponding to system configuration and workload

The NJU20010 provides power consumption management corresponding to system configuration and workload by programmable clock frequency setting function and various sleep functions etc.

Providing exclusive use integrated development environment for program development

We support our customer's program development by exclusive use development tool for our original DSP core "Ximo16A",JTAG-debugger and IDE.



  • AC-DC/DC-DC converter, Power Supply Application such as LED Light
  • Control circuit such as Power Conditioners
  • Motor controller


  • DSP core: 6-stage in order pipeline / Harvard architecture bus
  • AD converter: 12 bit resolution, 2MSPS(maxi) Sequential comparison type / 7(12)input + 7(8)buffer + 7(8) S/H
  • PWM wave pattern generation: Main PWM output:6(8) + Sub PWM output:8 / 1ns resolution (min.) output: 6(8)
  • Memory: Program FLASH ROM[16kW] / Program RAM[4kW] / Data RAM[2kW]
  • Communication: UART / I2C / SPI
  • IO port comparator: 16(20)I/O port[common use as function pins] / 20ns delay comparator:3
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V / 1.8V
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 85°C
  • Package outline:
    LQFP52-H2 NJU20010
    LQFP64-H2 NJU20011 [mark of AD converter / PWM wave pattern generation / IO port comparator ]

Development Support Tool*2 with Ximo16

  • JTAG debugger: WATCHPOINT Sophia systems Co.,Ltd
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment): XASS-V Series GAIO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
  • GNU open source: gcc/binutils

*2The brand name and the name of the company are the trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

Development Products

Product Name Function Application Package outline
(Samples already available)
DSC for digital controlled power supply
  • AC-DC / DC-DC Converter
  • Power Supply Application such as LED Light
  • Control circuit such as power conditioners
  • Motor controller
(Samples August 2010)

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  • Engineering Samples(ES) : already available
  • Mass Production(MP) : October 2010

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