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June 15, 2010

Providing communication device's parts account reduction by high receiving sensitivity, Rail to Rail output and high load driving capability

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has introduced to the market the NJM2549, wide band FM IF demodulator IC, suitable for various communication devices such as HF band RF ID device, IR communication device and water heater remote controller.

The NJM2549 is a wide band FM IF demodulator IC, including IF limiting amplifier, FM detecting circuit and RSSI*1 circuit.

Providing parts account reduction by high receiving sensitivity and the smallest package in the industry*2

The NJM2549 has high receiving sensitivity of 22dBµV. It is 6dBµV increase compared with our conventional products. And it provides communication device's parts account reduction by simplification of front stage circuit such as receiving antenna and LNA. Further, to meet the demand for miniaturization, we deliver the IC mounted in smallest package in the industry.

Providing direct load driving by Rail to Rail output and high driving capability

Demodulated output signal is Rail to Rail output (2.7Vpp @3V), which is industry's first*3. Further, it has high driving capability of 350µA (max.), it provides parts account reduction, by eliminating*4 the load-driving amplifier (op-amp) in the various signal processing circuit post detector.

Selectable detector output characteristics curve (N/S-Curve)

With changing connection between IC and external capacitor of phase shifter, the NJM2549 can select N/S-Curve (detector output characteristics), which is industry's first.*5 So it can adapt to detector output characteristics varies by communication device model.

  • *1

    RSSI: Receive Signal Strength Indication

  • *2,3,5

    our check as of May 2010

  • *4

    *4 : In some load cases, amplifier may be required


Application & Block Diagram

  • HF Band RF ID device
  • IR communication device
  • Water heater remote controller
  • Wireless microphone/head phone
  • Various communication device(carrier detection)


Features & Characteristics

  • High receiver sensitivity: 22dBµV (-3dB limitting sensitivity)
  • Small package: TVSP10
  • Rail to rail demodulated output: 2.7Vpp typ. @3V
  • Selectable AF output characteristics: N/S-curve
  • Low Operating Current: 3.0mA typ.
  • Low Operating Voltage: 2.7V to 9V
  • Wide range IF input frequency
    • 100kHz to 15MHz
    • 10.7MHz (standard)
  • Wide band FM detector circuit: DC to 1MHz


  • Engineering Samples(ES) : already available from June 2010
  • Mass Production(MP) : July 2010

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