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March 01, 2010

Offering the finest sound to audio fans more widely with the MUSES8820
New Japan Radio releases the MUSES8820, the mass production model of "MUSES Series" high quality sound Bipolar-Input Dual OP-Amp

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has introduced to the market, the MUSES8820, high quality sound bipolar-input dual OP-Amp, most suitable for high-end audio equipments.

Background of development

Last year, New JRC released the MUSES01 and the MUSES02, the flagship models of MUSES Series*1. They have been well received by wide range of customers from high-end audio equipment manufacturers to homemade audio fans.
Recently, we have released the MUSES8820, mass production model of MUSES Series, offering finest sound to audio fans more widely. The MUSES8820 is high quality sound OP-AMP following the development concept of MUSES Series, and it employs surface mount package, achieves its production capacity increasing and cost reduction.


The MUSES8820 is a bipolar-input dual OP-AMP inheriting high quality sound we pursued in the development of MUSES01/02, and it employs chip-layout and lead-frame material optimized for mass production. Furthermore, in addition to DIP package (lead insertion type), it employs halogen and lead-free surface mount package (EMP)*2. The package provides mass productivity gain of audio equipment manufacturers and reduction of environmental impact.
The MUSES8820 is most suitable for mass production models of high-end audio equipment reproducing the finest sound such as live sound of orchestra in the hall and breathing sound of player in live music house.

  • *1

    MUSES Series New JRC has been putting great considerable effort into pursuing sound quality such as "improving in reality", "improving in acoustic space reproducibility". The MUSES Series is high quality sound OP-Amp, putting into our all technologies of audio ICs such as circuitry, chip-layout and lead-frame materials.

  • *2

    halogen and lead-free surface mount package (EMP) the first time employing as the MUSES Series



  • High-end and professional use audio equipments


  • Operating Voltage: Vopr=±3.5V to ±16V
  • Low Noise: Vn=4.5 nV/√Hz@f=1KHz
  • Input Offset Voltage: VIO= 0.3mV typ. 3mV max.
  • Input Bias Current: IB= 100nA typ. 500nA max @Ta=25 °C
  • Voltage Gain: Av=110dB typ.
  • Slew Rate: SR=5V/µs typ.
  • Bipolar Technology
  • Package Outline
    • MUSES8820D DIP8 (8.8×6.4×6.75mm typ. lead-free)MUSES8820E EMP8 (5.0×6.0×1.65mm typ. halogen-free,lead-free)


    • Engineering Samples(ES) : already available from January 2010
    • Mass Production(MP) : already available from February 2010

    MUSESMUSESMUSES This mark is the trademark or registered trademark of New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

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