1.Physical Handling

Pay attention when handling surface mount packages because the leads are thinner and can be deformed easily compared to the insertion type package.This package must be handled with care to prevent cracking due to mechanical vibration or shock, because this package is thin.

2.Anti Electrostatic Countermeasures

When a product is used, a device may encounter electrostatic failure due to a static electricity discharge from the charged operator or equipment. Pay attention the following points during handling

1. Operator
Attach a wrist strap and ground it.(Item (1) in the figure.)
[To prevent electric shock accidents and control the discharge current, ground the unit through a 1MΩ resister.]
Avoid wearing clothing containing chemical fibers that generate static electricity easily .(Item (2) in the figure.)
Wear shoes for anti-static electricity.(Item (3) in the figure.)
2. Installation
Always ground the equipment that operates the IC.(Mounting machine, etc.)
3. Operation Table and Floor
Spread a high resistance conductive material on the table and the floor, ground it. (Item (4) and (5) in the figure.)
4. Equipment
Ground the measurement equipment, tools soldering iron through a 1MΩ resistor because damage may occur if the package is charged and a discharge occurs.
5. Others
It is effective to install an air ionization blower. Install a humidifier if the air is dry. (Item (6) and (7) in the figure.)
Do not place objects in the operation area that generate static electricity easily.

Anti Electrostatic Countermeasures

3.Carrying / Storage handling

In case of carrying, if exceeded vibration, shock and drop is given, quality and reliability of component maybe cause of decline. Therefore, pay fully attention in handling.

The component shall not be used in liquid such as water, oil and chemicals.