1. NJR strives to produce reliable and high quality products. NJR's products are intended for specific applications and require proper maintenance and handling. To enhance the performance and service of NJR's products, the devices, machinery or equipment into which they are integrated should undergo preventative maintenance and inspection at regularly scheduled intervals. Failure to properly maintain equipment and machinery incorporating these products can result in catastrophic system failures.
  2. To ensure the highest levels of reliability, NJR products must always be properly handled. The introduction of external contaminants (e.g. dust, oil or cosmetics) can result in failures of products.
  3. NJR offers a variety of products intended for particular applications. It is important that you select the proper component for your intended application. You may contact NJR's Sale's Office if you are uncertain about the products listed in this web site.
  4. Special care is required in designing devices, machinery or equipment which demand high levels of reliability. This is particularly important when designing critical components or systems whose failure can foreseeably result in situations that could adversely affect health or safety. In designing such critical devices, equipment or machinery, careful consideration should be given to, amongst other things, their safety design, fail-safe design, back-up and redundancy systems, and diffusion design.
  5. The products listed in the web site may not be appropriate for use in certain equipment where reliability is critical or where the products may be subjected to extreme conditions. You should consult our sales office before using the products in any of the following types of equipment.
    • Aerospace Equipment
    • Equipment Used in the Deep sea
    • Power Generator Control Equipment (Nuclear, Steam, Hydraulic)
    • Life Maintenance Medical Equipment
    • Fire Alarm/Intruder Detector
    • Vehicle Control Equipment (automobile, airplane, railroad, ship, etc.)
    • Various Safety Equipment
  6. NJR's products have been designed and tested to function within controlled environmental conditions. Do not use products under conditions that deviate from methods or applications specified in this web site. Failure to employ NJR products in the proper applications can lead to deterioration, destruction or failure of the products. NJR shall not be responsible for any bodily injury, fires or accident, property damage or any consequential damages resulting from misuse or misapplication of its products. Products are sold without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to any implied Warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  7. Warning about the handling and disposal of products
    The following products use which are specified as poisonous chemicals by law. For the prevention of a hazard, do not burn, destroy, or process chemically to make them as gas or powder. When the product is disposed, please follow the related regulation and do not mix this with general industrial waste or household waste.
    Products Contained materials
    GaAs MMICs Gallium(Ga) and Arsenic(As)
    Photo Reflectors Gallium(Ga) and Arsenic(As)
    SAW Filters Nickel (Ni), Cobalt (C)
  8. The product specifications and descriptions listed in this web site are subject to change at any time, without notice.