About our Macromodel

New Japan Radio offers free use of Macromodel for easy circuit design. Before using this service, please agree with the terms of use listed below. Tools covered by this service are OrCAD Capture and PSpice.


[The industry-standard in schematic design entry because of the intuitive interface and rich feature set] OrCAD CaptureR design entry is the most widely used schematic entry system in electronic design today for one simple reason: fast and universal design entry. Whether you're designing a new analog circuit, revising schematic diagram for an existing PCB, or designing a digital block diagram with an HDL module, OrCAD Capture provides simple schematic commands you need to enter, modify and verify the design for PCB.


Advanced simulation for analog and mixed-signal environments
Designers utilize PSpiceR simulation solutions for accurate analog and mixed-signal simulations supported by a wide range of board level models. Since the inception of the PSpice simulator in 1985, PSpice has been continuously enhanced by expanding its portfolio of technologies supporting the latest hardware and operating systems. Each subsequent release has addressed numerous technological advances and customer requests for enhancements.

Macromodel File list

The Macromodel files are compressed in a ZIP file.(Contents of file: Device Modeling Report (PDF), Macromodel)

Category Macromodel Name
Operational Amplifiers Bipolar type Macromodel

Macromodel List

CMOS type Macromodel

Macromodel List

Comparators Comparators Macromodel

Macromodel List

Power Supply ICs Switching Regulators Macromodel

Macromodel List

The PSpice macro model of this production can be obtained by simply completing the include this link.