Power Tool Block Diagram

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Power Tool

Power Supply Block Reset Block Currnt Sensor

(DC/DC) Power Supply Block

products Features
NJW4140 MOSFET Drive Switching Regulator IC for Boost / Fly-back Converter

(LDO) Power Supply Block

products Features
NJM2831 Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

(System Reset IC) Reset Block

products Features
NJU2103A System Reset IC

(Op-Amp.) Current Sensor

products Features
NJU7046 9V/µs High-Speed, Rail-to-Rail I/O CMOS Operational Amplifier
NJU7076 Precision, Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail Output, Excellent EMI Immunity, CMOS Operational Amplifiers
NJU7098A 0.05µV/°C max, Zero-Drift, Single Supply Rail-to-Rail Output CMOS Operational Amplifier

(Comparator) Current Sensor

products Features
NJU77241 Rail-to-Rail Input Open-Drain Output Low power CMOS Comparators