Electric Compressor Block Diagram


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Power Management LDO(Low Dropout Voltage) Comparators Operational Amplifiers Power Management

(Op-Amp.) Operational Amplifiers

products Features
NJM2904 Single-Supply Dual Op-Amp.
NJM8202 Rail-to-Rail Output Dual Op-Amp.
NJM8208 Precision, Rail-to-Rail Output Dual Op-Amp.
NJM8530 Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Single Op-Amp.
NJM8532 Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Dual Op-Amp.
NJU7046 9V/µs High-Speed, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Single CMOS Op-Amp.
NJU7047 9V/µs High-Speed, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Dual CMOS Op-Amp.
NJU7077 Precision, Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail Output, Dual CMOS Op-Amp.


products Features
NJM2903 Single-Supply Dual Comparator
NJU77242 Rail-to-Rail Input Low power CMOS Open-Drain Output Dual Comparator
NJU77250 tP=50ns typ. High -Speed Rail-to-Rail Input CMOS Push-Pull Output Single Comparator

(LDO) Power Management

products Features
NJM2830 Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
NJW4104 45V Io=200mA Ultra Low Quiescent Current Low Dropout Regulator
NJW4107 45V Io=300mA Low Dropout Regulator
NJW4105 45V Io=500mA Low Dropout Regulator
NJW4106 45V Io=500mA Adjustable Low Dropout Regulator

(Tracking Regulator) Power Management

products Features
NJW4250 45V Io=50mA Tracking Regulator

(Switching Regulators) Power Management

products Features
NJW1871 Current Mode MOSFET Drive Step-Up / Fly-back Switching Regulator IC
NJW4140 MOSFET Drive Switching Regulator IC for Boost / Fly-back Converter
NJW4142 Current Mode MOSFET Drive Step-Up / Fly-back Switching Regulator IC

(Shunt Regulators) Power Management

products Features
NJM1431A High Precision Adjustable Shunt Regulator
NJM2823 Precision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference