Body Control Module (BCM) Block Diagram


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SAW Filter Power Management Switching Drivers Operational Amplifiers

(LDO) Power Management

products Features
NJW4104 45V Io=200mA Ultra Low Quiescent Current Low Dropout Regulator
NJW4107 45V Io=300mA Low Dropout Regulator
NJW4116 Io=500mA Low Dropout Regulator with Reset function
NJW4271 45V Io=500mA LDO with Watchdog Timer and Reset

(Switching Regulators) Power Management

products Features
NJW4152-BA Switching Regulator IC for Buck Converter with 40V/1A or 40V/600mA MOSFET
NJW4155 Current Mode Control Internal 1.8A MOSFET Switching Regulator IC for Buck Converter
NJW4171 2.4MHz 2.5A MOSFET Switching Regulator IC for Buck Converter
NJW4172 2.4MHz 1.5A 2channel MOSFET Switching Regulator IC for Buck Converter
NJW4175 600mA MOSFET Switching Regulator IC for Synchronous Buck Converter

(System Reset ICs) Power Management

products Features
NJU7295 System Reset IC with Delay Circuit

(SAW Filter)

products Features
NSVS9012 R.K.E. SAW FILTER f0= 314.85MHz BW= 0.6MHz
NSVS9016 R.K.E. SAW FILTER f0= 315MHz BW= 0.6MHz
NSTS9118 R.K.E. SAW FILTER f0= 433.92MHz BW= 0.4MHz

(Op-Amp.) Operational Amplifiers

products Features
NJM2904 Single-Supply Dual Op-Amp.
NJU7057 Low Noise, Low Offset Voltage Drift Rail-to-Rail Output Dual CMOS Op-Amp.
NJU77552 1.7MHz, 50μA/ch, Excellent EMI Immunity, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output,Dual CMOS Op-Amp.

(High Side Switch, Low Side Switch) Switching Drivers

products Features
NJW4820 1-Channel Low Side Switch
NJW4822 1-Channel Low Side Switch
NJW4830 1-Channel High Side Switch
NJW4832 1-Channel High Side Switch

(Gate Driver) Switching Drivers

products Features
NJW4841 1-Channel Switching Gate Driver
NJW4860 2-Channel Gate Driver with LDO