Precision, Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail Output, Excellent EMI Immunity, CMOS Operational Amplifiers

Data Sheet


  • High Precision (
    Low Input Offset Voltage
    NJU7076/NJU7077 150µV max.
    NJU7078 200µV max.
    Low Offset Voltage Drift
    0.5µV/°C typ.)
  • Low Noise (10nV/√Hz typ.)
  • Low Input Bias Current (1pA typ.)
  • Rail-to-Rail Output (
    RL=10kΩ 0.02V to 4.98V typ. (V+=5V)
    RL=600Ω 0.08V to 4.92V typ. (V+=5V))
  • Ground Sensing
  • Integrated EMI Filter (EMIRR=59dB typ. @f=900 MHz)
  • Operating Voltage (2.2V to 5.5V)
  • Unity-Gain Stable
  • Package (
    NJU7076 SOT-23-5
    NJU7078 SSOP14)

General Description

The NJU7076/NJU7077/NJU7078 are single/dual/Quad channel, precision, low-noise, rail-to-rail output CMOS operational amplifiers. These devices featuring a low input offset voltage (50µV max.), low temperature drift (0.5µV/°C typ.), and low bias current (1pA typ.). The combination of these specifications makes the devices well-suited for sensor applications such as temperature sensors, weight sensors, high-precision current sensing amplifiers, and current-voltage converters. The output swing can reach 20 mV from the rails while driving a 10kΩ load (at 5V operation). Input voltage includes ground, enabling direct sensing near ground. The NJU7076/NJU7077/NJU7078 have high EMI immunity to reduce malfunctions, making them ideal for EMI-sensitive applications.


  • Thermocouple / Thermopile Amplifiers
  • Strain Gauge / Pressure Sensor Amplifiers
  • Load Cell and Bridge Transducer Amplifiers
  • High-Resolution Data Acquisition
  • Precision Current Sensing
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Photodiode Amplifiers

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NJU7077RMSOP8(VSP8)8Sn2Bi21YesYesYesNon dry pack1

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