Low Voltage Video Amplifier with LPF

Data Sheet


  • Operating Voltage (2.6 to 5.5V)
  • 6th Order LPF (-33dB at 19MHz typ.)
  • 6dB Amplifier
  • 75ohm Driver Circuit
  • Power Save Circuit
  • Bipolar Technology
  • Package Outline (SOT-23-6-1)

General Description

The NJM2561B is a Low Voltage Video Amplifier contained LPF circuit. Internal 75ohm driver is easy to connect TV monitor directly.It corresponds to both AC-coupling and DC-coupling.*The NJM2561B features low power and small package, and is suitable for low power design on downsizing of DSC and DVC. *0.33V is always output from Vout.


  • Car Camera
  • Car Navigation
  • CCTV

Design Simulation Models

Package Information

Part NumberPackage OutlinePLPPinsMaterial Declaration (RoHS/Halogen)Terminal FinishWeight(mg) (Reference)Reflow solderingFlow solderingIron solderingPacking ConditionMSLSolder Foot Print
NJM2561BF1SOT-23-6-1-6Sn2Bi15YesYesYesNon dry pack1

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