Biomonitoring Sensor with two Green LEDs & Optical filtered PD

Data Sheet


  • Light sensitivity range (Visible light range)
  • Peak wavelength of LED (λp 525nm)
  • Miniature package (3.15 X 6.00 X 0.65mm)
  • Pb free solder re-flowing permitted (250°C , 2times)
  • Pb free, Halogen free
  • Conformity to RoHS directive

General Description

The NJL5313R is a surface mount type photo sensor that reduces the influence of ambient light by ingenuity of the package structure. This sensor is a highly integrated Photo-sensor, which combined two high brightness Green LEDs and a high sensitivity Si photo diode with visible light band-pass filter. The NJL5313R is a sensor for pulse rate (heart rate) measurement which shows one of fitness application that targeted the fitness tracker like Smart watch/Band/Bracelet.


  • Bio monitor as pulse rate of Wearable Devices
    (Smart watch, Fitness Tracker etc.)
  • Mobile Devices