Biomonitoring Sensor with Two Green LEDs & Optical filtered PTr

Data Sheet


  • Peak wavelength of LED (λP 525nm (Green))
  • High output, High S/N ratio
  • Optical filtered phototransistor
  • Miniature, thin package (3.15 X 4.35 X 0.8mm)
  • Pb free solder re-flowing permitted (260°C, 2 times)
  • Pb free, Halogen free
  • Conformity to RoHS directive

General Description

NJL5304R is the compact surface mount type photo sensor, which is built in Two GREEN LEDs and an optical filtered phototransistor that is useful reduce "Ambient light noise". NJL5304R is a sensor for pulse rate (heart rate) measurement which shows one of fitness application that targeted the fitness tracker like Smart watch/Band/Bracelet.


  • Pulse rate (Heart rate) of Wearable Devices(Smart watch, Fitness Tracker etc.)
  • Mobile Devices